What we're about

Hi there,

Why not try meditation?

Learn to de-stress, and just start to feel the joy of life again that you may have felt in your childhood.

Maybe you just feel that there must be something more to life. Something more meaningful, deeper, richer, more beautiful.

We teach meditation and Buddhism in a way that is relevant to contemporary life.

You do not need to "be a Buddhist", or even know anything about Buddhism. You do not need to have done any meditation before. Or maybe you are a meditation master! Everyone is welcome.

We teach two different meditations: a mindfulness meditation (mindfulness of breathing) and a loving kindness meditation (metta bhavana).

We also teach Buddhism which is a very powerful agnostic spiritual path.

There is no God as such in Buddhism.

Buddhism is not about believing in anything. It is about exploring our minds, emotions, thoughts, behaviour, learning from this what makes us happy fulfilled and joyous, and then moving along this path.

The Buddha had a very scientific approach to life. Try X and see what happens, and if it has positive effects, do more of it.

Meditation is important in the Buddhist path, but there is also a lot more to it than just meditation. We learn by self exploration that what we do in our daily lives affects our meditations, and vice versa.

Spiritual friendship is very much part of the Buddhist path, and part of what we are doing is building a community of friends.

We are connected to the Triratna Buddhist community that can be found all over the world, and which draws from the entire Buddhist tradition.

Please join our meetup group. If you have any questions at all, or just want to introduce yourself, please message me.

And of course, pop along one Thursday night to one of our classes :-)

I look forward to meeting you


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