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The Java platform and its ecosystem is more vibrant than ever. Brussels is a great city full of talent. 
Mix both, and you'll get the BruJUG, a local Java User Group where passionate Java developers can, for FREE, attend presentations given by passionate speakers.
Since 2010, a simple formula: an evening session with one (or more) speaker(s) on various tech topics, followed by a well deserved drink/meal in a pub nearby for anyone interested in following the discussion.

Our stage is open to technology experts, developer advocates, but also to any of you willing to share parts of his/her knowledge with the crew.

Stay in contact on Twitter: @BruJUG

Do you want to come for the first time, but worry to be lost and alone in the crowd? No problem, just drop us a nice (private) mail/message and we will take care of you, and we promise to make it as nice and pleasant experience. 

Registration to events is requested since seats are limited.

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Hello everyone!

It's finally time we meet again 🎉
After 2 years of forced hibernation, the Brussels Java User Group is back with in-person meetings!

On this occasion, we are welcoming a talk on another language running on our beloved JVM.


This talk is a short introduction to Clojure.
Clojure is a modern Lisp that lets you write robust and elegant code.
It runs on the Java Virtual Machine so you can take advantage
of the vast Java ecosystem.

The talk will also cover Luminus a Clojure micro-framework based on a
set of lightweight libraries.
Using Clojure and Luminus developing web applications becomes a breeze!
Can this combination make you as productive as writing Ruby on Rails,
but with the performance of the JVM?

Our Speaker - Cosmin Cremarenco

Cosmin has been programming professionally for almost 20 years.
After a long experience with C++ and Java he discovered
Clojure whose simplicity and clean design clicked with him.

He's a Computer Science engineer from the Polytechnic Institute of Bucharest, worked for Murex in Paris for 9 years before moving to Belgium.
He's now running his own consulting and software company at Snow Line Software in Brussels.

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