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A gentle introduction to Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Data Flow
Hi everyone! Not every data need to be processed immediately. You can often lower the pressure on your main application by delegating some work to a batch processing. But batching, like any program can be hard to do properly. Don't reinvent the wheel, and join us to see how Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Data Flow can help you write and manage your batch jobs. Oh, and don't forget to share our event with your colleagues by printing and hanging our poster around: Abstract: This talk will give a quick introduction to Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Data Flow projects. We will walk through the main concepts of Spring Batch and develop a real word batch job to put these concepts in practice. We will then see how to deploy, run, monitor and administer batch jobs in a Spring Cloud Data Flow server. The Speaker - Mahmoud Ben Hassine: Mahmoud is a passionate software engineer with 10+ years of experience in enterprise software development. He is currently working for Pivotal on Spring Batch and Spring Cloud Task projects. When he is not coding, Mahmoud enjoys spending time with his family and friends, running and playing chess! Sponsor: It's our pleasure to have Arexo as a sponsor for this session. Arexo is a human-sized IT consulting company, currently looking for new hires. Arexo is more than happy to be sponsoring BruJUG. Hopefully this will help BruJUG to provide even more greatness to the community. We'll meet soon, but you can already learn more about us at


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The Java platform and its ecosystem is more vibrant than ever. Brussels is a great city full of talent.

Mix both, and you'll get the BruJUG, a local Java User Group where passionate Java developers can, for FREE, attend presentations given by passionate speakers.

Since 2010, a simple formula: an evening session with one (or more) speaker(s) on various tech topics, followed by a well deserved drink/meal in a pub nearby for anyone interested in following the discussion.

Our stage is open to technology experts, developer advocates, but also to any of you willing to share parts of his/her knowledge with the crew.

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