MVVM, A pattern that make you forget MVC, demonstrated with ZK framework.

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Back To School!

Hello Java enthusiasts!
We hope you had a great summer and that you are now full charged for this new season with the BruJUG.

For this first session, we invite you to dive into the fearless and pitiless world of the GUI. Who doesn't like pushing some rectangle 1/4 pixels more on the left? :-)

Join us and hear how Filip Cossaer is dealing with the front-end using ZK.


When security and productivity are on the top list of you enterprise, it is important to assess which tools help you achieve those goals.

ZK Framework is one of them. As an open source, Java-based, server-centric Ajax solution, it provides a complete set of off-the-shelf UI components, allowing developers to create a Web page quickly.

One of its many advantages is probably the support of the MVVM pattern, developing an effective, time-saving approach for creating your application. With such pattern, you’ll see how effortlessly some behaviour can be added to your page.

ZK has a slogan: “Stay true to your Java roots while effortlessly keep up with the ever evolving front-end technology". Not only does this spirit perfectly match my own goals, but also, I strongly believe it is one that is applicable and beneficial to all other Java users.

About the Speaker

When he was 11 years old, Filip Cossaer started programming, in GWBASIC and QBASIC.
While working at the Belgium Defence as an aircraft technician, he got caught up by his passion and decided to go back to school in 2009 to learn programming seriously.
3 years later, he returned to the Belgium Defence in the Application Development and Maintenance section, were he works primarily with Spring, Hibernate, ZK as front end programming. He’s now responsible several projects in his department and has written some extensions to the ZK framework.