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Microservices and Modularity or the difference between treatment and cure!

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Oh, no! Java 9 is being delayed (...again!)
This means wil still have time before Jigsaw becomes a real thing and that all of our modularity issues went gone once and for all. Or not?
Didn't microservices already solved that issue? Did we miss something in the big picture?

Join us to understand better what microservice are really about.

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Everyone is talking about microservices these days!
So the question is should you also jump on that bandwagon and why those somewhat older colleagues of yours (yep, those that still remember the EJB 2 revolution) are not that enthusiastic?

To help you make the right decisions, this talk will first focus on explaining complexity - the problem microservices claim to solve. It then will concentrate on modular architecture and how it compares to what most people understand by microservices!

Live demo will present multiple ways to modularize exiting JEE application going from "monolithic" Glassfish EJB/JSF style app through SpringBoot and OSGi to reach a distributed system with a portal as front-end.

About the speaker

Milen is a Developer Advocate at Liferay and focuses on Java and OSGi Platform.
He is passionate about designing and building software as well as helping others design and build good software!

While still coding he currently spends most of his time teaching, speaking at conferences all over the world and researching his favorite topics around Java modularity and software architecture.
For over 15 years in the industry he has developed, designed or consulted on various Java EE solutions for leading European companies (mostly in the finance and telecommunications industry).
Rue Royale, 67, Brussels · 1000
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