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Kotlin: Less boilerplate, More fun!

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Hi everyone!

Last session, we discovered a tool to build new languages on top of the JVM. This time, let's explore Kotlin, a language invented by the company behind the famous suite of IDE's, Jetbrains.

The Poster

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Kotlin has gained some traction amongst the Android developers that were stuck with Java 6. But what did push JetBrains to invent a new language in the first place, and how did they tried to solve the issues they were facing with Java?
In this talk, you will be introduced to concepts and the syntax of the language. We'll dive in what makes it so pragmatic and how it can interoperate with Java.

About the Speaker

Olivier Hubaut is a freelance Java developer. He likes to learn new languages as a way to explore various approaches to a problem. His pet peeves are untested systems.
Since 2012, he has been involved in the organisation of the BruJUG.
And finally, he hates to speak of himself using the third person!