2 in 1: Devoxx4Kids & Fantastic Java contracts

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Hello everybody!

Missed the September event? We did too... So, to compensate, we'll have the pleasure to start with a double session for October! And I'm sure you'll find plenty of interesting things to pick from both topics.

As always, don't forget to share the news with our poster (https://app.box.com/s/zqastjfw1kr72dzvwtlwee1ugy2gsfn9). Here we go:

Devoxx4Kids: Teaching Technology to Kids


Explaining technology to kids is not an easy endeavor; the concepts are abstract and generally not related to things young people have experienced. Classes, instances, loops, exceptions, libraries, switches, routers, the cloud, app servers, containers, databases, NoSQL, amps, Ohm’s Law, etc. It’s enough to scare away grownups! At Devoxx4Kids our approach has been most successful and you can apply this at home with your own kids; we inspire children while having fun; we get kids excited about technology with the hope that many of them will become producers of technology in future. Through a variety of hands-on workshops where children have fun building computer games, programming robots, building circuits, and programming microcontrollers, we have seen very positive results.

About The Speaker:

Daniel De Luca is the Worldwide manager of the Devoxx4Kids initiative and co-organizer of Devoxx4Kids Events in Belgium. Passionate about Software Architecture, Java SE/EE and IT in general, Daniel love to share his passion to children, showing them how they can become the wizards of tomorrow. Daniel is also Steering Member of the Devoxx BE conference, Steering Member of BeJUG and Freelance.

Fantastic Java contracts - and where to define them?


Creating objects in Java using `new` keyword was a no brainer for many years! Then IoC / DI questioned the approach and component containers changed the way we think about it! Managing dependencies between artifacts is yet another topic we still tend to think we have sorted out. Maven central has become the de facto standard artifact repository. Yet it's far from perfect as it is still developer's responsibility to know and configure proper dependencies. This easily becomes nightmare with transitive and provided dependencies. So may be it's time to challenge that approach too? What if we move from hardcoded artifacts to artifact discovery based on well defined contracts? This talk will demonstrate how that can be done today, what are the issues and draft a potential roadmap to fully automated dependency management!

About The Speaker:

Milen Dyankov is a Developer Advocate at Liferay and focuses on Java and OSGi Platform. He is passionate about designing and building software as well as helping others design and build good software! While still coding he currently spends most of his time teaching, speaking at conferences all over the world and researching his favorite topics around Java modularity and software architecture. For over 15 years in the industry he has developed, designed or consulted on various Java EE solutions for leading European companies (mostly in the finance and telecommunications industry).

Update: This event si sponsored!

The people behind Komma Board (https://kommaboard.be) are sponsoring this event. They have proposed to provide us with some food and drinks to accompany the talks. A big thanks to them, and we hope you'll enjoy the event even more!