Apache Beam and Veepee Data Ingestion Platform


Hello folks!

For this session, we are welcoming peoples from Veepee to present us Apache Beam and gRPC, and how they interact together.

As you can guess by the visual, Veepee is also the sponsor of this event and we thanks them for their support! 👏


Part 1: Introducing Apache Beam, unified model for describing streaming and batching data pipeline. The SDK makes it possible to describe a processing pipeline so it can be run on any runtime engine, called a runner (be it Spark, Flink, Dataflow, ....). In this talk we will focus on the Java SDK and go over some of the great features that make Beam unique.

Part 2: Apache Beam is used extensively in the Veepee Data Ingestion platform. In this talk we'll go into the practical use-cases of Beam, along with interesting war stories about pipelines, gRPC., protobuf and contracts.

About the Speakers

Alex Van Boxel is Big Data Architect, Google Developer Expert Cloud and Apache Beam Commit. He loves open source and sharing with the community.

Hannes Holst: Works as a Lead Data Engineer for Veepee. Takes care of the building blocks of the Veepee Ingestion Platform: gRPC services + Beam pipelines, deployments on GCP and the glue that ties everything together

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