Jon Skeet: Versioning, and how it makes my head hurt

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Software engineers use versioning all the time, and .NET is no different. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been thinking a lot about versioning in different contexts, and I wish I could now say I knew how to do it easily. Instead, I can at least share my experiences, highlight some problems, and maybe look at possible improvements to come. We’ll look at:

What is a version anyway?
Where do we use versions day to day?
What do we mean by semantic versioning?
What are the patterns for server-side API versioning?
What are the highlights and lowlights of .NET’s support for versioning?

Jon Skeet is a Staff Developer Platform Engineer at Google, working on Google Cloud Platform client libraries for .NET, based in the London office. (That's the theory, anyway. Most of the time he works from his shed instead.) He's best known for contributions to Stack Overflow as well as his book, C# in Depth. Additionally he is the primary maintainer of the Noda Time date/time library for .NET.

Outside of software, Jon is a committed Christian, and enjoys theatre (particularly musical theatre), playing board games, and spending time with his amazing family.

This event will be a webinar. We will be using Zoom. Follow this link to go to the webinar:

The webinar is password-protected. The password will be sent shortly before the event, to everyone who registered.