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7/1/2021 update: Baltimore City has lifted limits and the mask mandate. It would be strongly recommended to have a mask with you for events, as you will be expected to follow the restaurant's policy if it is more stringent than local policy. In addition, per CDC guidelines, if you are not vaccinated, you will be expected to continue to mask and I reserve the right to request that anyone in attendance do so. You will be asked to confirm that you will abide by this policy when RSVPing. A no, or a skipping the question, will result in you being moved to Not Attending and a refund will not be given. Please feel free to message me directly with any questions or concerns.

***As of 4/17/21: All events now have an in-person location. I have selected places that have outdoor options, and generally are large spaces indoors as well. We will sit outside as much as possible, weather permitting, for the foreseeable future. I have set all RSVP caps at 6, in line with the current Baltimore City guidelines. (Note: I will not schedule events in other jurisdictions to skirt this, so please do not message me to ask.)

**2020 disclaimers: We will only be holding events that are safe and within local jurisdiction guidelines. As this is a Baltimore City group, we will also not be holding events in nearby jurisdictions that are more lenient. If you have ideas for ways to meet virtually until it is safe to meet again in person, please share!! **

Welcome to Brunching In Baltimore and get ready because............BRUNCH IS BACK IN STYLE, Baby!

As a Fabulous Brunch Lover, you must pledge to facilitate all things BRUNCH and entertaining! While this Meet Up should be self-explanatory, those inclined to join are grown and fun-loving Ladies and Gents, who believe in all things BRUNCH!

It's for those who believe in:

• Late-Rising: No civilized or truly fashionable person wakes before 10 a.m. on the weekend …….simply not done!

• Delectable Portmanteau of Breakfast at any hour: We CAN have an omelet after 2 pm!

• Alcohol Consumption before 12 noon is socially acceptable and encouraged!

This is the friendliest group you will have the pleasure of meeting on Meet Up! Let’s sample the tastiest BRUNCH-inspired food and BRUNCH-inspired drinks that Baltimore (and surrounding counties) has to offer!

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