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Introduction to the teachings of Bruno Groening -This Meetup is in Birmingham
WELCOME TO THE BRUNO GROENING CIRCLE OF FRIENDS! Help and Healing on the spiritual path through the teachings of Bruno Groening. This Meetup is for people from all walks of life who seek healing for their own body and/or for those of their loved ones, or who simply would like to experience greater wellbeing, balance and harmony in their lives. There is a Higher power which is fundamental to all life and it can and wants to heal YOU! Bruno Groening called this power the divine healing stream. Due to his close connection to God, Bruno Groening was able to pass on the divine power to people seeking help who then experienced healing. Many were freed of medically “incurable” ailments. Even after Bruno Groening’s physical death he continues to connect those who ask him for help with the divine healing stream. All healings that take place by following Bruno Groeing’s teachings are medically verified by doctors who gather medical evidence both before and after. We invite you to join us at our next event free of charge. We meet every three weeks for our meetings in the heart of Birmingham (please visit our Group Calendar for times and location). At the meetings, you will learn how to connect to the divine healing stream and about Bruno Groening’s teaching. The divine healing stream is available to all of us at any time. EXPERIENCE it for YOURSELF!!! Bruno Groening said: “There is no such thing as incurable.”, and "There is much that cannot be explained, but Nothing that cannot happen." "Every Human Being is a Divine Marvel" Attach film clip “The Phenomenon Bruno Groening “Bruno Groening’s Teaching 2013 (as shown here and on Nottingham meetup website) During his lifetime, Bruno Groening reminded us that we had forgotten about this healing source and in so doing we have become inflicted with varying illnesses and misfortunes. Connecting with the divine healing stream on a daily basis will help us to re-establish the divine order in all aspects of our lives. He said that our bodies are like batteries which run down and we need to constantly recharge. He also recommended connecting with the divine power together as a group once every 3 weeks as this generates a stronger energy flow than if we were just “tuning in” on our own at home. Bruno Groening's teachings continue to be shared today through one of the world’s largest non-profit organisations for spiritual healing, the "Bruno Groening Circle of Friends." The "Bruno Groening Circle of Friends" passes on these teachings, shares experiences and healing reports and offers warm and friendly public gatherings in 1000's of communities throughout the world. Once you have attended a formal introduction which is held before every meeting you may attend meetings anywhere in the world where there are groups following Bruno Groening’s teachings. Introductory meetings take place on Saturday at 12pm every 3 weeks in The Polish Centre. For more details please contact Joanna Nind on Tel:[masked]

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Bruno Gröning's teachings explain how an individual is able to obtain new energy. The human body is constantly exposed to healing waves which only have to be absorbed. According to Bruno Gröning, no illness is incurable, and this fact is confirmed by the healing that have occurred and have been medically verified. These healings are spiritual and therefore independent of Bruno Gröning's physical presence. In order to remain healthy, the friends of Bruno Gröning ”tune in” to the healing stream every day. The aim of the teachings of Bruno Gröning is to transform a sick person into somebody who is full of the joy of living and free from physical and emotional problems. An Introduction is required prior to attending the Community Hours in the Bruno Gröning Circle of friend. The reason for this is to inform the new person about the teaching of Bruno Gröning and to show them how to take this energy into their bodies to achieve health and healing. During the Introduction the new people will see a short DVD about the life and works of Bruno Gröning and healing reports from people who have experienced healing in their bodies through the teaching of Bruno Gröning. Introduction dates are in the Calender.

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