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This meetup is about the healing teachings and meditations of Bruno Groening. Bruno was an unrecognized Saint and following WWII Bruno Groening allowed or facilitated the healing energy of God to help and heal many many people.

Bruno was sent by God to help & heal the people especially the German people. I learned of Bruno Groening teachings from the Circle of Friends and was initially a PR person for them in the Philadelphia area however, I am no longer associated or affiliated in any way with that group. I did receive several healings from practicing the Bruno Groening technique of Einstellen. Bruno spoke to me from the ethers and told me to go to the park and there I would receive my final healing. I did so and 3 years later I have healed in so many ways and now offer this healing and meditation to others.

Any member of any of the Bruno Groening practices or groups can join me as all are welcome. The teachings came to me directly from Bruno as an ongoing live practice. Bruno sent me to the park to heal and said to me, "This is the place to go for your final healing." I have been in the park for 3 years now. I became a trail ambassador and structures crew member/leader of the Wissahickon Park as well as a Master Naturalist. I have spent so many hours in the park volunteering, leading hikes, teaching meditation & yoga nidra at the environmental center and still do lots of volunteering in the Wissahickon Park.

Bruno told me this year is the year for me to bring his teachings forward to the world, and to help people heal and to form groups to help others heal.

Also there will be a special group forming out of this group known as the Missionaries of Bruno. This group will be specially trained and go into friends homes of people that are seriously ill and offer Bruno’s healing and meditation. One has to be ready to do this and ask me personally to join and be trained.

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Bruno in the Park

Cedars Cafe

Please come to our 2nd meeting of Bruno in the Park. Learn how to do Einstellen a healing posture to draw energy into the body and allow healing to take place. Learn how to develop a daily practice that recharges your battery of vital energy. Learn about Bruno Groening and develop a healing practice. Optional but encouraged: Have a nice lunch at the Cedars Cafe following event

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Bruno in the Park

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