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Mantra Chanting Circle
Start your day with an energizer. It is said that mantra chanting - triggering a deep vibration within our core - triggers our self healing potential and can be a key to access deeper dimensions of existence. NO EXPERIENCE IS NEEDED. A CURIOUS AND OPEN MIND WILL DO! :-) The chanting will take place in a cosy and warm meditation room sitting in a circle. Agenda: • Check-in • Mantra Chanting (62 min) • Sharing Circle • Check-out The event is donation based. There is no obligation to pay anything. Your authentic presence is already a gift. But if you would like the experience and feel like offering something to express your appreciation for manifesting more of these events in the future that will be accepted with gratitude. :-)

The Refuge

Rue d'Anderlecht 185 (code 8514) · Brussels

What we're about

"Play is the highest form of research." Albert Einstein

In this group we will playfully explore the principles of inner alchemy.

C. G. Jung discovered that the ancient art of alchemy was describing, in symbolic language, the journey that all of us must take towards embodying our own intrinsic wholeness, what he called the process of “individuation.”

Inner alchemy is concerned with liberating your true self which is trapped within you by the unrefined parts of yourself (e.g. your fears, personal beliefs, self-loathing, etc.). It helps you to get “out of your own way” and to stop being your own enemy.

Alchemy contains 7 stages:

1. Calcination: breaking down parts of ourselves that are in the way of our own happiness

2. Dissolution: feeling less identification with our false sense of self

3. Separation: rediscovering of our essence, truly becoming aware of our authentic feelings.

4. Conjunction: the empowerment of our true self, the union of both the masculine and feminine.

5. Fermentation: the decomposition of our former selves (dark night of the soul) and the beginning of our process of rebirth

6. Distillation: the integration of all experiences to become permanent.

7. Coagulation: become free from the mind and connect with the Materia Prima

Alchemy’s greatest achievement is to create an interrelationship between mind and matter, between self and world.

Warning: this needs enough repeated practice to allow the reweaving of the fragmented self to take place. There is a gift in each experience.

*Who am I?

I'm an old soul, nomad, world traveler. I researched many wisdom traditions in the world but I don't belong to any tradition or lineage. For more than 15 years I have been working for big corporations, while simultaneous exploring new paradigms. My aim is to connect what is not connected.

My personality type:

• Aquarius


• Enneagram 5w6

I don't pretend to be or to know whatever although I have experiences to share. I want to play (share & care)together with others to further lean into my own discomfort as well. It's a direction. You walk your own path. We just discover and celebrate together. :-)

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