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Sunday Badminton (2h:14h45-17h) + dinner/drinks
The event will be hosted at Centre Sportif la Woluwe, Avenue E. Mounier 87, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, Brussels Public transport access: Metro line 1 stop Kraainem / Crainhem or bus 79 stop Mounier Level: pre-intermediate to Advanced (You know how to play doubles) Registration (RSVPs) is open as of 22:15 on Wednesdays. Directory: Price: €6 / person / 2 hours Meeting point: directly on the courts: Hall 1, Courts: 7,8,9,10 If you do not reach on time, ask at the reception for courts booked in the name of Anna Nech. NOTE: As a NEWCOMER, please send a message to one of the organizers to confirm your participation and leave your phone number, otherwise you will be moved out of "going" list 24h in advance. If you register to attend, please make sure that you follow up on the commitment. Even one person missing will ruin the games for the whole group, not to mention the additional costs that the organisers must incur. Therefore, to prevent a shortfall in number of players, participants on "going" list should respect their reservation and not drop out less than 24 hours before the event, otherwise to find a replacement and inform organizers. This also means that registration will close 24 hours before the event (14:45 pm on Saturday). Not showing up without warning the organisers or dropping out after 24 hours before the event and not finding a replacement will result in a EUR 6 penalty – corresponding to the attendance fee. Failure to pay the penalty or repetitive no-shows may lead to a ban from attending in the future. Thank you for your cooperation. Cheers! Anna, Vishal & Johan

Centre Sportif la Woluwe

Avenue E. Mounier 87, 1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert · Brussels

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What we're about

This meetup group is about people who want to play amateur badminton.

This group is welcome to all level of players even beginners. We adapt to all levels. The aim is having fun and enjoy playing badminton together.

Number of courts are reserved each Friday from 7pm to 8pm

We started also to organize a 2nd hour from 8pm to 9pm following the usual FRIDAY Badminton event.

Remark 1: Each event is announced and organized separately, which means that each event has its own reservation list. If you are interested in attending an event. You must make a reservation in the appropriate event list and have your spot.

Remark 2: Depending on the availability of players, some additional badminton events could be organized during the week.

Terms & Responsibilities:

The organizer declines any responsibility for accidents or damages during the event.

Anyone participating in this sport event and using the sports areas, is responsible for any damage caused both to people and premises themselves.

Anyone taking part in this event will therefore have to cover his liability by a personal insurance policy.

Useful rules:

The meaning is to keep our events friendly and simple without a huge amount of drastic rules.

It's a friendly group please help us to keep it like that. It's on our advantage.

1) Please, when you book the +1 it's on your responsibility to ensure that the player come and pay.

2) If your +1 can't make it. Please cancel the +1 RSVP enough in advance to give the opportunity to others to have the spot.

3) Because the events are bigger now. It statred to be difficult to identify players who are participating. We ask you to book spots on your name not for others.

4) Please come spontanously to the organizer to pay your spot. You can imagine how it's sometimes difficult for the organizer to collect money, organize next hour, welcome players, ...

Please help him to make the event succesful.
Don't hesitate to help. We are always lookig for motivated people.

RSVP opening hours

To give the opportunity to everybody to book his spot. The reservations for the main event on Friday 1st hour from 7pm to 8pm are open each saturday at 12pm15, 6 days befor the event.

For the other events (Friday 2nd hour or during the week), opening hours are not fix, it depends on the willing of the event's organizer.

Badminton playing rules:

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