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Do you know that this beer community is hosted by a female beer master who became quite recently a Meetup organisor!?

My name is Liselot, and I'm hosting two different beer groups:

1) Brussels Beer Club: more the FUN EVENTS: with the intention to gather people and join all together great beer related events like Beer festivals, Brewery openings, Beer tasting eves, etc...

2) Get the Belgian beer experience: more the EDUCATIONAL EVENTS: with the intention to share all my knowledge with you about our Belgian beer culture by organising events like city beer tours (Bruges, Ghent, Brussels etc...), abbey tours, brewery tours, etc...

So take the time for yourself to which group you belong:

FUN: You're right here

EDUCATIVE: https://www.meetup.com/therealbelgianbeerexperience/


Happy to meet you and let me know if you have any questions!


Liselot Caura,

Upcoming events (2)

Valentin Beer Drinks at Brussels city center


For now, we are putting our Hop on Hop off events on hold as we like to offer this popular concept during better times! (hopefully back from April)

Let's catch up with only-singles and take a toast on Valentin's day!
During this CORONAPROOF !(scroll down for details) beer event, we'll gather only in "Place to beer" bars.

During our last Meetup event, we missed two special venues around Manneken Pis area, so now in calmer times, we'll take the chance to discover them together: (only 3 min walking from each other)

1. Poechenellekelder: more than 100 Belgian beers & delicious, accessible food options like spaghetti, croque monsieurs, cheese plates,etc...

2. Gist: the best craft beer place in town

Surely the best places to enlarge your Untappd wish list!

I'm really looking forward to receiving my "usual Beer Club crew" and some new faces as well!!

Be fast if you like to be part of this event. We can only host a min. number of people for Covid ánd logistic reasons.
Changed your mind, and not attending anymore?
No problem at all but please, edit your "RSVP" to "not going" so that you give your seat to someone else.

!! We're very strict in this topic as for Covid & organisation reasons, we need to know how many people are attending!
Thanks for understanding,

Any questions? Put it in the wall of this event!

See you!
Your beer host, Liselot

Opening of brewery Surrealiste: Brussels new brewpub!

Brasserie Surrealiste

(Please note: the date of this event is not correct YET.
We're planning to organise this in March or April 2022, but due to work, I can only setup the final date 2 to 3 weeks before the event. So keep you posted!!!)

Join us for Surrealiste's brewery opening in the heart of Brussels' town.
Free entrance!
Not just a brewery, but a 1500m2 brewpub serving their own beer and other Brussels friends beers.

Program hosted by beer connoisseur Liselot:

19:30– 20:00: Introduce round: what's your beer tasting experience?
20:00-20:30: Brewery tour by Liselot
20:30 - .... : and let's enjoy some beers together !!

1) Free: no tastings incl.

2) € 12 : 2 Surrealiste beer tastings incl.

Due to Covid-19, there could be a chance we're only hosting a limited number of people. So be quick if you want to be part of our group! (we also provide a waiting list)

PS: Will it be the first brewpub opening? Hard to say as there are two other Brussels breweries in town creating there first batches the next months...
UPDATE JULY 2021: It's not the first one, as Brasserie de La Mule and DrinkDrink! opened their brewpub two months ago.... :) -> check this event if interested in visiting: https://www.meetup.com/therealbelgianbeerexperience/events/279618838/

Put it in the wall of the event, so we can share the answers with everyone

from your lovely host Liselot

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