What we're about

We are a British Parliamentary Debating Club offering a weekly platform to expand your horizons. You can sharpen your persuasive skills under the motto ‘learning by doing’ and practice public speaking with fun.

To know more, join our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BrusselsDebaters) or contact the facilitators from The Dandelion Group (http://www.thedandeliongroup.eu).



What is debating?

Debating is more than public speaking. Aristotle put forth the persuasive ideals of ETHOS - an establishment of one's own credibility, LOGOS - an appeal to reason, and PATHOS - an appeal to emotion. With this is mind, a successful debate speech must be delivered in a credible, clear and captivating manner.

In which language do you debate, and about what?

We debate in English, often about political topics and current events. However, some of most successful past debates have covered such diverse topics as 'As cavemen, this house believes it is time to abandon our hunter-gatherer lifestyle'. and 'This House believes Trump will make America great!'

Besides the Grand Debate nights, the host announces the exact motion on the night, with 15 minutes preparation time.

Can I join?

Yes! Whether a first timer or a seasoned debater, you are welcome to join. There is no need to prepare anything... but following the news does not hurt.

Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do, and we encourage people with disabilities, non-binary and people of colour to attend. The venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users.

Can I spectate?

Of course, but sooner or later, everyone should take the plunge! There is no training that can equal standing in front of an audience for 5 minutes, trying to keep your speech fluent and comprehensible.

How much is it?

It's free. However, as we do not have to pay for the room, we strongly encourage everyone to purchase drinks and/or food at the bar.

Where does it take place?

Not far from De Brouckere/Bourse. Unless announced otherwise, meetings take place at De Markten Café, Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 5.

Upcoming events (3)

Barrier-free debate night: Generation Snowflake

Café de Markten

This week we will debate the motion "This house believes that the term 'Generation Snowflake' is a fair description for the present generation of young adults". Does the young generation of adults get offended too easily? Do they feel so special that every word has become a potential insult? Or if this a grossly unfair characterisation by older generations unable to accept that their time is up? Let's hear both sides of the story. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Generation_Snowflake Debating involves one topic and two sides making their case. You will get the exact motion on the spot and can then decide if you want to observe or speak. After the debate, you will get feedback because our goal is to entertain and educate. Please note that the venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users. All levels of experience are very welcome - from first-timers to seasoned debaters. There is no need to prepare anything in advance but bringing pen and paper does not hurt. For training opportunities, check out www.thedandeliongroup.eu.

Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange

Needs a location

Brussels Debaters have another chance to flex their argumentative muscle online with orators from other parts of the world. At the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange, you get the motion 24h in advance and debate 2 vs 2. You get 30 minutes to prepare with a person from a different club on the day. Each speaker has 4 minutes to make his/her case and another 3 minutes to rebut in a second round. If you are sure that you can join, please send me a message. The first four members get a briefing with all details.

Grand debate: gene editing

Café de Markten

CRISPR will revolutionise our lives, scientists say. It is a simple, quick way to edit genes in organisms. Proponents praise increased resilience and that we will be able to delete undesirable traits. Critics warn of designer babies and that we are trampling on ethical norms. Countries across the globe and even EU Member States are divided. Take a stance and join the grand debate. Motion: This House supports a ban on all genetic modifications to the human germline. Audience: International disability alliance Format: 3 vs 3 (or 4 vs 4), 10' per speaker Grand Debates are special. You get the exact motion in advance so that you can choose your position and prepare as a team. If you want and can commit to take part, please leave a comment below and let us know for which side you want to speak. Please note that the venue is fully accessible for wheelchair users. All levels of experience are very welcome - from first-timers to experienced debaters. For training opportunities, check out www.thedandeliongroup.eu

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