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Hello, This group is for those of you seeking inner transformation, personal development and are intrested in transpersonal psychology. We will organise workshops that will teach you different transformational methods( holotropic breathing, transformational breathing, archetypical theatre, conscious walking) and workshops for personal development (couple relations, inner discovering). We will be happy to see you at our workshops!

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Dynamic meditation - Dance journey !



Dears, I invite you to experience the dynamic meditation through dance. I will guide you during the dance to release energetic and emotional blockages from the bodies( physical, energetic, emotional and mental). We will connection to each energetic centre(chakras) and to the elementals. After the dance session we will have a silent meditation and we can experience both the yang and yin energies in our body. You can find immense wisdom and inspiration that arises from within connecting with the Higher Self and eternal consciousness. Come to learn about what it is to dance for the spirit! This ritual is inspired by WOW Academy : www.theworldofwisdom.com If you would like to come please send me an email to [masked]. The exact address will be sent to you by email. Contribution : 15 Euro With happiness, love and harmony, Irina

The healing power of Love - Family Constellations

Chaussée de Wavre


The presence of pain & suffering means there is lack of Love! Dear SOULS, We are inviting you to a healing and integrating workshop: FAMILY CONSTELLATIONS - Healing of the transgenerational tree & allowing the Love & Abundance in your lives - a method created by the German priest & psychotherapist Bert Hellinger Facilitator: GLORIA VIANU-TALMACIU Instructor of the International WOW Academy "When I accepted and loved in a open & deep way the magical gifts hidden behind my traumas, then my real healing and integrating process has started! And by experiencing my own healing, I became a support into others healing paths" - Gloria VT Do You want to find out more about who you are? Do you have unhappy relationships with the parents, partner, children, family, colleagues, money, job, etc? No partner? Do You feel unhappy, restless, depressed, without energy, stuck or sick? Unhappy events are repeating in your life without a logical reason? Family Constellations is about Love, self love, regaining the inner power to recreate unity, where it is been broken, by healing the inner wounds, pain that we took over from our ancestors, in an unconscious way. We are the children of our parents, as well they are children of their own parents. So we are carrying in us the history of our ancestors. We carry in us, at the unconscious level, their way of perceiving various experiences they faced in their lives: different traumatic events, like war, loss of parents, loss of children, early deaths of family members, abortions, suicides, unreleased mourning, depressions, refugees, loss of money and goods, any kind of abuses, diseases, divorces, adoptions, rejection, abandonment, betrayals, humiliations, etc. The way they perceived those experiences, we can carry on, out of love. Now, we have the chance to release the unconscious patterns, limitations and transform them into joy and inner power, to open the locked doors, in order to create and live another present life and future, for ourselves and our children. We hereby invite you to open yourself to a different perspective. To allow yourself to feel peace and enjoy life. This can be done with the first step: assuming responsibility for our lives. And then, the rest will follow. How does a constellation work: persons from the group are being invited to represent, for example, family members of the client, which can reveal unconscious emotional dynamics from the past, that are still influencing his life. Through specific phrases and movements, the stuck energy can be released, relationships can be put in order, perceptions and perspectives changed. A healing process is actually taking place. About Gloria Vianu-Talmaciu - the FACILITATOR: I was born in Germany in 1975, adopted and raised in Romania. I am married, and we have a daughter. My whole first 20 years were filled by deep strong traumas, which were repeating themselves from time to time. In the last 20 years, along my university studies and my business career, I've been searching for my inner personal Truth, by attending and forming myself in various seminars, workshops, like: Conscious Breathing & Holotropic Breathing, Energetic Restructuring, various Somatic-emotional releases techniques, Life-Coaching and Facilitator in Systemic Constellations. I attended the Basic & Master Family Constellation international trainings, workshops, retreats - over 650 hours - under the teaching of Jutta ten Herkel BA (Psych) Hon, trained in Bert Hellinger's Systemic Therapy. The Systemic Constellations path brought me clarity, understanding, inner peace, power, healthy relationships, joy and happiness. We are waiting for You with open heart to offer you the support in your healing path! CONTACT PERSON - For more information/ place reservation: send an email toIrina at [masked] Inspired by the International WOW Academy "The World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure"

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