What we're about

This is a group for people who have decided to take their personal finance seriously. I am not a finance professional and I am not selling any products. We will use this group meeting to share information and learn together. We will have meetings both in English and French language.

Why did I decide to create this group?

Since my early childhood I remember that I wanted to know it all…. I have always been the best student in the class at school and this came to me with ease. I have got a Master in Electrical Engineering from a Moscow university a long time ago and then recently a Master in Artificial Intelligence from KUL in Belgium. I have successfully learned how to work in banking, telecom, railways and energy in several countries. Turns out that ENTP people like me (according to Myers-Briggs profile system) can learn and do anything we put our minds to. In 2018 after a major change in my personal life I had to take an important decision about a considerable sum of money. What did I do? I started learning about investing in stocks. And I haven’t stopped since then. I put my learning to practice, otherwise it would not be a real knowledge. And since I started talking to people around me about it I saw that there are quite a few people interested in the topic, but they don’t know where to start or they start buying stocks in some random way. So I have decided to start sharing my knowledge not only with friends but with any people who have decided to take their personal finance seriously. Stock investing is not only for the men in suits because with modern tools and tons of available information anybody can learn how to do it, safely and successfully. I just want to show you the way.

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