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June Meetup - Blockchain & Smart Contracts

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Caroline C.


Blockchain or "distributed ledger" technology since 2009 has been moving through the hype cycle and it is hard to decide where it is now.

There are multiple applications of blockchain, the best known one perhaps the Bitcoin, as the combination of mechanics to come to a blockchain originates from Satoshi Nakamoto's paper describing the idea of bitcoins.

We however would like to focus this event on smart contracts. We have invited speakers to explain the concept, but more importantly to go through some use cases.

The speakers are

  • Koen Vingerhoets: Distributed Ledger expert at KBC group

  • Kristof Verslype: researcher for the firm Smals

They start off with a more general, theoretical framework of blockchain and smart contracts and its advantages.

Thereafter they discuss in more detail specific applications of smart contracts

  • in the financial sector

  • in the medical sector

It promises to be interesting :-)

3, rue Chair et Pain, 1000 Brussels Belgium · Brussels
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