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Computational Law & Blockchain Festival: Brussels Edition

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MacTVDP and Caroline C.
Computational Law & Blockchain Festival: Brussels Edition


Brussels is joining the second annual Computational Law & Blockchain Festival! It's a decentralized festival of events taking place in March throughout the world on the mechanization of legal reasoning and on blockchain. #clbfest2019

In the BRUSSELS node, we will focus mostly on a combination of learn and discuss (so no hack), with:

Author of the book "Blockchain is WTF" (waarschijnlijk toch fundamenteel)
==> General introduction and some "lightbulbs" as to what lays ahead in blockchain world

Blockchain advisor with Belfius (
==> From 7331 to legal: a selection of blockchain discussion topics

Attorney with White and Case (
==> Legal view on blockchain technology in the broad sense (TBC)
Expert in blockchain and data protection (
==> Can blockchain and data protection be reconciled?

Attorney with Time.Lex and author of "Virtual currencies: a legal framework"
==> Virtual currencies, a viable transfer of value?

Attorney with Mythra, which created a bitcoin taxation decision tree (
==> Virtual currencies and taxation


As for timing:

You can arrive as from 13h00. (The meetup start point has been moved to that point to indicate that.)
The keynotes will start around 13h30.
The speakers in principle will line up in the order they are mentioned in above.
The keynotes have a slot of 45 minutes (except for the last one), but some speakers will be shorter, other may pass over that. In any case, the following is how the plan is:

13h30 - 14h15 Gerrie Smits
14h15 - 15h00 Koen Vingerhoets
15h00 - 15h45 Willem Van de Wiele
15h45 - 16h00 (pauze / buffer)
16h00 - 16h45 Axel Beelen
16h45 - 17h30 Niels Vandezande
17h30 - 18h00 Hendrik Putman


Some extra information can be found on our website (meetup not allowing for all kinds of fancy layout):


Globally there are 3 different tracks:
[1] Learn: New to computational law or blockchain technology?
This is your chance to learn the basics.
[2] Discuss: Interested in policy implications of blockchain technology?
You will be part of a global debate - a true distributed policy hack!
[3] Hack: Do you want to try building open-source computational law and blockchain-for-law use cases?
We will get you everything you need to get started and we will work together to start working on a concrete tool.

In Brussels we had to decide to not provide for the hack section, contrary to last year. We received information that the global organisation would not work with global challenges this year. So we tried to motivate a number of players in Belgium to launch a hack challenge, but only 3 organisations were interested. In the end, after they considered it some further (for which we are really grateful) they all decided not to go forward with it for diverse reasons. So we'll have to try again last year.
StartIt Brussels
Havenlaan 8 · Brussels, al
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