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Impacts of Food on your Mood
Gain a greater understanding of Ayurvedic principles and how working with the 5 elements of nature helps us to keep a healthy balance and positive mood. An evening to understand our relationship with food and its impact on our moods. Speaker: Ranjan Amin, having had a long career in food and medicine she founded "Ayurvedic Health" to help people with pain management in particular through diet.

Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre

Bischoffsheimlaan, 39, 4c · Brussels

What we're about

Hi, this meetup was established to inspire like-minded people to regain their physical and mental wellbeing. It all started with 2 ladies - let me share their story and ultimately what this meetup would like to share with you.

Claudia, reached the age of "hot flushes" (it happens to most of us women) Claudia searched everywhere to find relief, from sleepless nights, sweats and many of the other symptoms that go with hot flushes. Eventfully a friend who she met by chance, guided her towards reflecting on her diet (what she was eating) and mineral / vitamin content. She also shared with Claudia a “total detox programme”, guess what? it worked! Claudia is now a carefree woman, healthy with lots of energy and is inspiring many others to take back control of their own wellbeing.

Kathryn, had always struggled with extra weight / kgs and had almost resigned herself to the being overweight for the rest of her life. Nothing had ever worked long-term and yoyo dieting had become normal. One day Claudia visited Kathryn (this was after Claudia had completed her total detox) and Kathryn noticed such a change in Claudia, a radiance, weightloss and simply a glow of wellbeing. As you can imagine Kathryn wanted to know more and after a few conversations Kathryn too participated in the detox. Result, weightloss of 20kg and what is even more surprising this weight has never returned (2.5 years later), improved eyesight to the extent that reading glasses are no longer needed and an abundance of energy.

We want to share this secret with you, join us if you are curious or want more information. If you can’t come to the meetup then contact us personally through Meetup. We are here to help you, inspire you and encourage you to reclaim your wellbeing. We have lots local success stories to inspire you. Stories from both men and woman who have "healed their lives".

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