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A better world is possible. To make it happen, each of us can contribute with their action, be it big or small. In order to succeed, we need to act in the Spirit of a Good Life for All. Too many initiatives run out of steam, because the action was running ahead without integrating the feedback from reality or because the idea was thought through so much that the theoretical criticism made a first step impossible.

ReflAction is about exploring and recognising the Spirit that combines the advantages of these two approaches and that directs our actions towards a Good Life for All. ReflAction proposes a dynamic that combines cycles of reflection and action for instantly improving your impact on the world. ReflAction organises ReflAction-Labs where you are invited to bring your on-going or planned “action” for a Good Life for All. The interactive evening gives an opportunity for reflActing about some of your undertakings. You are also very welcome to just come as you are and reflAct spontaneously. And ReflAction organises regular ReflAction-Drinks: Informal get togethers for ReflActioneers.

We dream…
of a world where action and reflection nourish each other
where people are active in a way that seeds the world they wish for
where being active is motivating and rewarding
where our actions are integrated with our deepest beliefs
and aligned with what makes us and those around us happy

We offer…
vital elements for aligning your actions with the goal of a good life for all
elements of the spirit of action for a good life for all
ways for co-creating a spirit of action
practices of deep exploration

We seek…
people who are and/or want to be active for a good life for all
people interested in methods of interaction which align actions with convictions

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