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The 4 Seasons of the Feminine Cycle: Spring
Dear women, You are invited to a special workshop to explore the first season of your menstrual cycle. This workshop is the first of 4 workshops that are designed to make you understand more profoundly your feminine body and essence. A woman is a force of nature. A woman is transforming every day, according to her natural cycle, her body and soul also being attuned to the rhythm of the universe. Realignment with the natural flow of energy in your body is essential, so that you can be healthy, centered, radiant, in peace and harmony with yourself and your surroundings. The first season of your cycle is Spring. After your menstruation, you regain your energy and power, you are reborn like nature in spring. In order to feel how your body functions during this period of renewal and to fully use this energy for health, revitalization, as well as for the creation of strong intentions to be fulfilled in your new menstruation cycle, we will do the following practices among women: ~The Tree of Life: Meditation and Creative Practice ~The Energizing Element of Water: Techniques of cleansing our body, emotions and mind with the use of the energy of water. ~The Breath of 7: A powerful breathing technique to attain calmness and peace of mind. ~Connection with our Inner Divine Girl: Special practice that can help bring back to life the energy and dreams you had when you were a young girl, help reunite with your life’s purpose. …And of course meeting other interesting and wise women to exchange views and experiences with. Practical info: Participation in 1 of the 4 workshops: 35 euros Participation in 2 of the 4 workshops: 65 euros Participation in 3 of the 4 workshops: 85 euros Participation in all 4 workshops: 100 euros Dates of the 4 workshops of this series: Spring: Friday 14 December[masked] Summer: Friday 25 January[masked] Autumn: Friday 8 February[masked] Winter: Friday 22 February[masked] For further information and participation confirmation, please email Eirini at [masked] or send a personal message to Eirini Kaps on Facebook or call at[masked]. See for Eirini's Bio & further details.

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This meetup is for everyone who wants to work with himself improving his relationships, the connection with others, the openness in communication, the ability to create intimacy and learn about the barriers that destroy the "first love" and the ability to create lasting relationships with the others.
We will have practices, workshops, discussions, energy-theater, meditations and other modalities and interesting ways to explore ourselves and the way we connect.
Also you can have consultation and private sessions with Alexander - Northern Deer, The Founder of the "World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure" Academy / School / Community which operates in few countries already from 2013 including, Romania, Greece, Finland, Netherlands, USA and is growing more and more every year.
If you want to have Fun, empower yourself, brake your limitations in communication and learn valuable Things that comes from Ancient Teachings and Modern Knowledge on Relationships this group is for you!
We are simply waiting for you with love!

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