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Hiya! I recently moved here and I wanted to set up a meetup group to try and find a group for Role playing games. I'm kinda tired of playing on Roll20 and other sorts of online games, so this is generally going to be for people who want to play in person, especially since there is some local table space over at showcase comics.

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I can't seem to find an announcement system, and since few people know that this thing has a forum, I am just going to use this. Due to work obligations, I have lost most of my free time, and therefore do not have time to really run this group. Unfortunately, I had meant to get this announcement out some time ago but it seemed to keep tumbling down my list of priorities. However, it sounds like there are alot of people in the area that would be interested in doing some sort of table top events. So, with that in mind, I am holding open call for someone to take over this group. I can take care of the actual cost of keeping the group up and alive, but I am looking for someone to try and coordinate games in the local area. If you think you would be up to the challenge, send me a message. Depending on the responses I get, I could make multiple people admins for this group, so just because you think someone else might be better doesn't mean you shouldn't throw your hat into the ring anyway. I look forward to your replies

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