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We all live in bubbles. Filter bubbles and reality bubbles. Do you want to break out of yours? Do you want to explore methods to do so? Please join! We will meet online and (later) in different places around Europe. Our first bubble-hopping journey will start Sunday, September 21.

What is bubble-hopping?

To bubble-hop is to meet and get closer to people you normally don´t are in contact with. It can be those who work with something else, who has other interests, beliefs, or opinions. Results and experiences vary depending on your intentions and preparations, and sometimes your luck.

Why should I bubble hop?

- You can gain better self-awareness, broader perspectives, and a more exciting life.
- You can become a better partner, friend, colleague, and boss. When you can put yourself in other people's situations, you become empathetic, creative, and innovative.
- If you bubble hop often, talk about it, and get others to jump you might contribute to a world with less worry, hatred, and conflict.​

Whom should I hop to?

Choose someone that thinks differently or does other things than you. Choose what you are curious about and try to find new ways of thinking or solving challenges. Or choose randomly. Another way is to choose someone with completely different opinions than you have. Opinions that you can't understand and or dislike. You are open to finding better ways to have difficult conversations.

How do I prepare to hop?

Start with reflecting about your own bubble and prejudices. Then find the right person or group you want to meet, agree on a time and place to meet. Practice listening in ways that can lead to new ideas. Prepare open-minded questions. Plan to share your personal story on the topic.

What questions work well?
Try to ask questions that do not seek confirmation of what you already know or believe. It is difficult but there are ways. One example is to use so-called open-ended questions. There are lots to learn about asking questions from mediators, psychologists, and journalists. Fika will guide.

How can I listen in different ways?

- Confirmation. What confirms what you already knew?
- Broadening. What did you not know?
- Empathic. How does it feel to be in the other person's
- Generative. What new ideas can you create together?

What do I do with what I have experienced?

Reflect on your bubble hop with others. Formulate your experiences and insights so you can share them in a good way. Plan what you can do to make things better. Do what you planned.

​How do I contact someone I want to jump to?

Ask friends, google, call the person(s) you want to meet and say as it is. I'm curious. I am worried. I want to understand better. Or whatever it may be. Do you want to have a coffee? Do you want to meet online?

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