• Automating with Ansible: simply simple

    Speaker: Orlando Alexandrescu (https://www.linkedin.com/in/orlando-alexandrescu-7383a336) Abstract: IT Automation can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. The agent-less Ansible provides a simple way of doing provisioning, configuration management, app deployment, all with a short learning curve Bio: Orlando Alexandrescu is a Senior DevOps engineer with over 10 years of experience across platforms and solutions from big vendors, like IBM and HP, with a wide array of skills ranging from system administration to the high-level intricacies of managing teams and providing IT services for high-profile customers from industry verticals, like Retail, Pharma and Banking

  • Agile, DevOps and Java

    Marshal Hotel

    Want to see how a big company is organising it's internal software delivery pipeline? Come and see how two internal teams from Société Générale are organising the whole thing from code to the actual product. What will happen ? 2 Java teams will come on stage to: • present how they manage their projects • talk Agility/Devops when the whole team is spread in different locations • explain their technological choices (RabbitMQ, DataStax, AKKA..) • explain us in details the tools they use at different stages of the product release (Cucumber, Jenkins, XLdeploy to name a few) The apps analyzed apps are used worldwide on financial markets. Among the speakers, a trader, product owner of one these app will explain how technology is driving the business on a trading floor.

  • Meet up and talk about the highlights of DockerCon16

    Hi Dockers! As we all know, Docker is probably the most talked-about infrastructure technology of 2016. Last week, at DockerCon16, the largest Docker conference to date with more than 5000 attendees, were announced the latest Docker features. It's time to meet up and talk about the highlights of DockerCon16: - Docker for mac, windows, aws & azure - Docker 1.12 release adds orchestration out of the box - Docker store - Running Serverless Apps on Docker Swarm (Live Demo) For this edition, our speaker will be Andrei Manea (https://ro.linkedin.com/in/amanea1) - CloudHero Co-founder, and Docker Evangelist.

  • Presentation - Intermediate - Script w/ Groovy, build w/ Gradle

    Agenda: 19:00 - 19:40 Use Groovy as your script language and benefit of the entire Java ecosystem. Have you ever gotten frustrated with the verbosity of Java? Have you ever wished that writing code in Java was as easy as JavaScript? Then it's time to get yourself introduced to Groovy, an alternative language for JVM. Before you scoff and say it's difficult to switch languages (or whatever!), just hear me out. This talk will showcase a few simple features that you wish Java had. In a live coding session, you will see in how a few lines of Groovy compare to the equivalent of Java. If by the end of this talk you don't get convinced, there is no hope for you! Speaker: Alin Pandichi - BJUG co-organizer, software developer at Mozaic Labs. 19:45 - 20:25 From Ant to Maven to Gradle a tale of CI tools for JVM Build tools promised to make life easier, but sometimes the price of solving some problems was "more problems to solve". In this talk we will remember the days of Ant (and why we liked it) we will see why you still use Maven and why you should move on to Gradle. Speaker: Alex Proca - Incremental Community Founder 20:25 - 20:45 Break & networking 20:45 - We move to a pub for a beer.

  • Docker 101 - Workshop - Beginners


    Bring your laptop with you. 1. Set-up Docker 2. Start a container 3. Create an image 4. Save the image on docker registry 5. Use docker-compose to create and start multiple nodes

  • Immutable Infrastructure: the new App Deployment

    Bio: Axel Fontaine (http://axelfontaine.com/) is the founder and CEO of Boxfuse (boxfuse.com (http://boxfuse.com/)), letting you go from JVM app to secure & immutable machine image in seconds. Axel is also the creator and project lead of Flyway (flywaydb.org (http://flywaydb.org/)), the open-source tool that makes database migration easy. He is a JavaOne Rockstar and a regular speaker at many large international conferences including JavaOne, Devoxx, Jfokus, JavaZone, JAX, ... You can find him online at axelfontaine.com (http://axelfontaine.com/) and on Twitter as @axelfontaine (https://twitter.com/axelfontaine) Abstract: App deployment and server setup are complex, error-prone and time-consuming. They require OS installers, package managers, configuration recipes, install and deployment scripts, server tuning, hardening and more. But... Is this really necessary? Are we trapped in a mindset of doing things this way just because that's how they've always done? What if we could start over and radically simplify all this? What if, within seconds, and with a single command, we could wrap our application into the bare minimal machine required to run it? What if this machine could then be transported and run unchanged on our laptop and in the cloud? How do the various platforms and tools like AWS, Docker, Heroku and Boxfuse fit into this picture? What are their strengths and weaknesses? When should you use them? This talk is for developers and architects wishing to radically improve and simplify how they deploy their applications. It takes Continuous Delivery to a level far beyond what you've seen today. Welcome to Immutable Infrastructure generation. This is the new black. This talk has been very well received at many events including DevNexus in Atlanta, Devoxx in Belgium (shorter version) and just last month in Belfast. It is 99% principles and techniques and 1% product reference. So far people have not had any problem with this.

  • Let's meetup and discuss which devops tools we all use!

    Stadio - Restaurant cu atrium

    This would be an informal meeting (unconference type of meeting) where we will discuss devops tools, have a beer or a tea and know each other better.