Workshop - Intermediate - Java API for JSON Processing

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Target audience: Java developers of intermediate level, familiar with the Java language and Java 8 streams.

Speaker: Bogdan Posa
Bogdan is a passionate Java developer working at ING, having a working experience of 5 years. He has previously held another workshop at Bucharest Java User Group on the topic of MVC 1.0, an action-oriented web framework for Java EE (

During this 3 hour workshop, we are going to take a look at JSON-P 1.1 ( ) and some of its great new features.

What is JSON-Processing API
JSON-P is an API for parsing and writing JSON objects in Java using Object model API or Stream approach.

What's new in JSON-P 1.1
JSON-P 1.1 introduces a lot of new features like JSON Pointer (RFC6901), JSON Patch (RFC6902) and JSON Merge Patch (RFC7386). The JSON Patch will also have a big impact in developing REST APIs (JAX-RS spec is going to align to JSON-P API).

JSON-P also takes advantages of the Java's stream operations using Lambda expressions, meaning that you can process an JSON object the same way you process a Java stream.

During the hands-on lab sessions we are going to talk about the features introduced in JSON-P 1.1 and we will try use it to solve some real problems.

Duration: 3h


- Please bring a laptop with a working Java development environment
- Please make sure you have installed Apache Maven and that it is running correctly
- Participants are expected to have Java and Java 8 streams knowledge

Be there at 10:30 AM (half an hour early) if you need help with setting up your development environment, Maven, etc.