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As every year since 2013, we are organizing the campaign: International Longevity Day and/or International Longevity Month (October) in support of biomedical research of ageing and longevity. In the past 5 years, hundreds of events, meetings, publications and promotions in dozens of countries were held as a part of this campaign.

In Bucharest we decided to celebrate Longevity Month by having a Longevity dinner on Sunday.

We will discuss:
* public advocacy of longevity R&D and therapy
* take-away from ICAD-2018 conference or why continuous deletion of senescence cells is harmful
* some of our projects:
- organizing open-drop biochip workshop in Bucharest
- organizing data-science hackathon on Ageing Research in March (together with Data-Science Society)
- biohacker's game
* other topics and ideas

Additional info: Longevity Month/Day 2018 celebrations in other countries