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Weather you are at the early stages of business development or already a Start-UP veteran, your contribution to the group is equally important.

Meeting the right people and getting good advice is always difficult, but BucharestTech can help. We provide access to our expert list, video calls with amazing people from Paris, London and Silicon Valley, bring field experience where is needed and we're always ready to talk shop, knowing that that will impact you in a positive way.

Our local team can give you the right legal, finance, business strategy, advice, in best way possible to better fit the local market and international market.

We all admit one thing: WE have an enormous talent pool in Romania! What we don't have is the correct mindset or the unity needed to promote and succeed in the modern business environment.

BucharestTech is about changing your mindset!

PS: the best way to solve a problem is to talk about it. When you're done talking, you have already figured it out

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