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Looking for people who enjoy hiking or biking trails, and who are also interested in either doing trail maintenance periodically. or keeping any trash/litter picked up. There are numerous trails on either side of the Cumberland Valley and a lot of great views. And Buck Ridge Trail at Pine Grove Furnace could use a little TLC for better navigating around the wet areas in the spring. Of course some people enjoy getting muddy in spots and that's fine too.

Want this to be open and welcoming to newcomers who are not yet avid hikers and/or looking for slower paced and/or shorter distance events. We'll do some long ones here and there. But there is a large group of people that enjoy the 3 to 7 mile hiking distances and 7 to 15 mile biking distances and aren't yet interested or ready for the 10+ mile hikes and 20+ bikes.

Northwest River Trail along the Susquehanna River is a nice paved bicycling trail. Cumberland Valley Rail Trail is nice and has some paved sections but more unpaved than paved. There are many cycling trails in the overall region. Ditto with bike rides in the 8 to 12 mile range, and occasionally 15 miles or so.

For those that are interested in more challenging trails, Buck Ridge has a 610 foot elevation change from Pine Grove Furnace to Ridge Road. but the lower part of the trail is not very rocky and decent sized up and downs without much difficulty so it's an enjoyable walk. It's 6 miles to Kings Gap from the Pine Grove Furnace park, and some enjoy the half marathon round trip. Loop with the Leaf Trail makes for a nice change of pace too.

Some state parks like Cowan's gap are heavily used and the state parks are not blessed with a lot of funds to have a lot of containers and/or pick up trash and recyclables. We all enjoy the outdoors, let's keep it clean and let's help clean-up messes. Hammonds Rocks are another area that others helped clean-up a lot, but more TLC would be appreciated there. State Park staff do a lot already for the trails. Hopefully in the new year sanity will return to the world and they will be granted funds to hire youths and others to assist with needed Park and Trail projects.

will be hosting events that are social for hiking-biking, while also doing some small trail maintenance and cleanup at times (if and when people want to help do that, any opportunities for work parties will be scheduled in advance). Hopefully we can do picnics at the park afterwards and help lead the world out of the fear that has gripped so many. Play softball or volleyball or corn hole or other games if/as people would like. Probably do a kayak or canoe event too.

Periodically connect with other groups for events at times too.

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Pine Grove Furnace State Park

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