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Come one, come all!

Creative writers, filmmakers, readers, introverts and social butterflies are all welcome. This club is meant to inspire writers, filmmakers and or book lovers by consuming novels, films and series that are on "must-read" and "must watch" lists, favourite picks from successful authors and critically acclaimed works.

I am a member of book clubs, currently working on a novel, I've written a short film, attended and volunteered for the Ottawa Canada Film Festival and have taken film and Literature courses at the University of Ottawa. I am a fan of well-written television, films, short stories and novels.

I joined Meetup over 5 years ago to become a better writer and reader in this world of distractions. Part of it is discipline yes, but I think that being surrounded by a community that helps and supports you is also important to grow as an artist. As well, I want to understand what makes a great story and how do we tell it as storytellers?

We will meet once a month and hosts are welcome to suggest books and or films to review. The object is to read the original content (novel, novella or short story), and watch the film or television show and take notes, or keep it in your head if that works for you in order to participate in a group discussion on both mediums. I've noticed that a large portion of films have begun as novels, novellas or short stories and I'd to incorporate these together to understand how both vessels portray the stories effectively or, perhaps inneffectively.

I have been inspired by the one of the most prolific writer's of this generation, Stephen King who has created some of the best stories ever made, this is one of his quotes:

"Let me say it again: You must not come lightly to the blank page" -Stephen King

I am looking forward to meeting you all!

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