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This group is for awesome and non-boring parents who would rather do fun things with their kids than watch them playing with electronics!

I started Bucket List Toronto ( http://www.bucketlisttoronto.com ) on meetup a couple of years back and I am constantly being asked if kids can come to our events. I've kept it adults only – but now seems like a great time to get some activities rolling for the whole family!

This is what some completely random kids are saying. (Thanks Taylor)

• My daddy and I already do fun things together like hiking, camping and stuff. He tries to act young but... he's not. I'd like to hang out with him and be with other kids my own age. I’ve always wanted to try something new, like fencing. Bucket List Kids sounds like a fun new experience for both my daddy and me.

Cindy “want to try something new” Hou, age 8

• My dad is sooooooo boring. We never do anything fun, mostly because there is nothing fun to do. But now that he has joined Bucket List Kids, my dad and I will finally be able to bond and have fun doing it!!

John “bored to death” Smith, age 11

• My mom wants me to get out of the house more and not just sit on my phone all the time. But I don’t have anything to do that’s fun. Bucket List Kids sound like a fun new thing for my mom and me to do together.

-Brent “always on my phone” McOwne, age 13

I have my kids 50% of the time so I'm always looking for fun and adventurous stuff to do with them - and would love to get like-minded parents and their amazing kids to join us!

My son Josh is 7 and my daughter Taylor is 13, so while I do try to find activities they will both enjoy, I will indicate any age restrictions on the individual events.

But you can help out as well. If you want to do something with your kids that you think others would also enjoy please host an event. I would love to help you to get things started.

Events will include fun, free things like hiking, biking and movie nights - but also things like camping, canoeing, and day trips to play on the beach in Wasaga Beach, explore the caves on thbruce trail in Collingwood, Canada’s Wonderland and Niagara Falls etc. We’ll also try to include some introduction classes to other activities like fencing, iFly indoor skydiving, martial arts, indoor rock climbing, etc...

Hope you're able to join in on the fun.


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