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This group is for people who wish to learn about and do more with Ohio's Buckeye Trail. For over 1,440 miles, the Buckeye Trail winds around Ohio, reaching into every corner of the state. From a beachhead on Lake Erie near Cleveland, to a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River in Cincinnati, a hiker can experience a little of all that Ohio has to offer. The Buckeye Trail is the longest circular trail in the nation.

This group is open to all Buckeye Trail enthusiasts whether you live in Ohio or not or whether you are an avid hiker or not. All are welcome.

The Buckeye Trail is identified by blue blazes, 2" wide by 6" high, on trees or poles. The trail is maintained and managed by the Buckeye Trail Association (http://www.buckeyetrail.org/) a non-profit volunteer organization.


The Buckeye Trail and the North Country Trail share the same path for over 800 miles. The North Country Trail (http://northcountrytrail.org/) is America's longest National Scenic Trail stretching 4,600 miles from New York to North Dakota. The American Discovery Trail (http://www.discoverytrail.org/) follows the Buckeye Trail for most of its route through Ohio. While the Buckeye Trail is primarily a foot trail parts of the Buckeye Trail can be explored by bicycle, horse and car.

The Buckeye Trail needs your support! You can help the Buckeye Trail by hiking it, organizing hiking trips on it, getting involved in trail crew outings and donating to the Buckeye Trail Association (http://www.buckeyetrail.org/) .

Membership in the Buckeye Trail Association (http://www.buckeyetrail.org/) not required but recommended. If you wish to learn more or join the Buckeye Trail Association visit http://www.buckeyetrail.org . The Buckeye Trail Association is an Ohio non profit, 501(c), organization.

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Buckeye Trail Section Hike: Burton Section

Water Tower in Burton Square

Saturday's hike will be from Burton point 18 ( Mountain Run Station Trailhead on Chardon Windsor Rd; N[masked], W[masked]) to Burton point 23 (Water tower in Burton Square; N[masked], W[masked]). This is a distance of 12.2 miles. Meet no later than 8:30 a.m. at point 23 and carpool to point 18. Sunday's hike will be from Burton point 23 (Water tower in Burton Square; N[masked], W[masked]) to point 27+ (Township Ballfield in Hiram Rapids; N[masked], W[masked]). This is a distance of 10.2 miles. Meet no later than 8:30 a.m. at point 27+ and carpool to point 23.

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Buckeye Trail section hike - Burton section

Girdled Road Reservation

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