What we're about

This is a group for fellows willing to practice basketball with mostly self- and individual training methods just like what you may find on YouTube videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KixNAxjtRNQ

We all love basketball, and we are

- not professionals (but professionals are welcome too!)

- probably playing in small/amateur teams

- hard workers, who know results only come from practice

- willing to cover and share the costs of renting out a proper place for indoor practice inside Budapest, in the time of 2 hours per week

We would like to

- improve our shooting, ball handling skills

- improve ourselves physically (acceleration, jumping, etc...)

This group is

- NOT a pickup basketball, so there is NO game practice

- NOT to form a team and practice team strategies

What you need to do

- no professional requirement at all

- the only thing for you is to come to the gym, practice, and mutually help/assist others in their practice (e.g. collecting balls, passing balls, setup practice field).

Anyone in the group can bring practice lessons e.g. by watching a youtube workout video, and then teaching it to us.

Our plans:

If we have enough people, between 6-12 practicers (not players), we rent a basketball indoor place somewhere downtown during winter, and organise practice sessions. Please join and share your ideas, plans, wishes.

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