What we're about

This is a meetup for sharing experiences and getting feedback about data artefacts. Whether you've finished a data science competition, done a side project, or you are just munging a data-driven pet project, we would like to hear about your story, what tools and methods you have used, and the conclusions about the project.
Regardless of your experience in data, we believe that advice from a helpful, friendly and professional community - and among them, our professional Chief Feedback Providers - would contribute to your and the audience's development in all kind of data-issues.

You can be a beginner, taking your first steps, or a Data-ninja having already some experience, if you want to tackle a new challenge, your project is more than welcome in our "announcements" session, where every one can pitch their plans, and find helpers, mentors, or teammate to his/her journey.

We believe that facilitating the creation of data projects, and providing a forum where the community can discuss them is highly beneficial for both of the project teams and the community itself.

Past events (12)

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