What we're about

It tends to be a very practical series of meeting, so you should have a good understanding of Java/javascript/angular/spring background.

It's a basic group which can hold up to 50 members. It can be filled up in the next days. Pls. don't hold places, if you are not interested in the events. However, you can tell the presence through the Doodle vote link. I might upgrade the subscription later on.

A decade ago Facebook has been created only within 2 weeks until hitting the market.

Now a start-up needs tens of millions in HUF only for a simple app heavily depending on the mercy of investors (we know how corrupt an application system can be, especially in Hungary). The world is focusing to create more options technologically, which slows down the market penetration by making things more complex.

You need to test your idea as soon as possible to be able to survive, but 90-95% of the task is nothing to do with your initial idea and just holds you back.

There are many additional expenses, which simply reduce your profitability, and success rate.
Snapchat simply not profitable with 300million users in a decade because of the cloud expenses.
(Hungary is not the market, where investors pouring millions of dollars to a non-profitable project to make it running)

You might also not have the resources just in time the project needed.

Tech start-up fails because they cannot transform ideas quickly to a working one. There are unmaintained open-source projects everywhere, so you need to create your own versions, and it can be very very painful.

Most of the framework is very low-level, and to integrate various open-source solution together is very time-consuming.

I have decided to create a new high-level, but lightweight framework with a business idea behind, which helps the high-quality constant maintenance of the 90-95% in a neutral way and leave the rest to you, so democratize your chances again. It's an ecosystem, which can reduce the entry level again, and you can reach the market within weeks.

I'm going to build an initial team, where the task is to polish an existing framework and add new features to it, which can help to avoid the very repetitive, but time-consuming tasks. Through development, you will be getting familiar with native swift and android java/c++ code also.

Technology stack:

Spring boot, spring integration, oauth2 server, distributed session/cache handling. Mqtt, native Android, hybrid plugins (android/swift - capacitor), FCM. ML kit, STT, google map. Comparison of cloud systems. Modern algorithm. Custom Elements. (stenciljs) Deployment tools. Facebook (account kit) / google etc. login integration. Payment systems: Paypal / Barion / stripe / simple pay / transferwise / OTG / card tokenization providers etc.

Development environment:

Visual studio code (java/javascript) / Xcode / Android Studio