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Budapest Personal Development Meetup
PROGRAM Come join us for an evening of self-discovery and exchange to experience what being part of a Mastermind means and what it can do to enhance our collective progresses toward our individual goals. You will go home energized and motivated with new tools and knowledge to make a difference in your day to day life. The more meetings you will attend, the more changes you will be able to make - this is the compound effect. SECURE YOUR SPOT ASAP FOR EVERY SESSION WE ARE LIMITED TO 30! AGENDA: Each meetup will start with a brief introduction of the purpose and mission of the meetup. - 3mins We will then continue with a practical exercise that will help you to connect with other members and learn something you can use during the week between 2 meetups. 15 - 20 mins Then we will end with informal conversations and experience sharing by various members about their own growth and pursuit of their dreams. - 30 mins WHO WE ARE: We are two individuals passionate about personal growth and all the benefits it can bring each and everyone of us. We believe that human beings are limitless however having potential is not the same thing as realising your potential. We also believe that everything can be learned and that you can learn from everyone so we decided to gather all the like-minded people to share and move toward our goals together in harmony by harnessing the power of the Mastermind. PRACTICAL INFORMATION: We start on time at 6pm and end the official session at 7pm. Each Meetup takes place at Eiffel Bar and Bistro in the center of Budapest. Feel free to bring a pen and paper or anything to take notes. We keep the limit at 30 people for the purpose of making deep work and connection with each member. If you are serious about your dreams, we want to kindly ask you to comitt to attend each session you register for.

Eiffel Bistro & Bar

Bajcsy-Zsilinszky út 78. 1055 · Budapest

What we're about

Do you feel stucked in your personal development?

Do you feel like you know so much however your reality doesn't reflect who you are?

Do you wonder if those goals will ever be achieved?

Just like you I was promised Happiness, Positivity, Confidence, Self-Esteem and Success.

All those Self-Improvement books, audios, seminars and programs still didn't create the new me I was looking for.

Until that day.

I will always remember how relieved and free I felt when I learned that it wasn't my fault.

It wasn't me the problem. I was simply missing the most important ingredient.

A Mastermind.

We believe everyone has unlimited potential, however having potential and realising it are two very different things.

The goal of this Meetup is to have a safe environment where we can grow in harmony and have people from all walks in life share their experience.

Join the first Personal-Development Mastermind for a weekly conversation about goals, self-improvement and Success.

You are Limitless.

See you at the next Meetup!

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