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Transform and purify the mind and body through Buddhist methods. We are a group of Chinese who study in the Mahayana (Xian Zong) and Vajrayana (Mi Zong) traditions of Buddhism. Through the study of Buddhist philosophy, meditation and practices, we learn how to generate the Dharma nectar in our minds and apply Buddhist study to our lives.

“Accumulate virtuous causes and eradicate non-virtuous causes in our mind; this is the study of Buddhism.”
With a pure mind you can transform yourself to become a person who has the ability to help self and others.

We offer Dharma quote teachings online and Buddhist classes in the Bay Area. Namnang Mingjo Dorje Rinpoche is the spiritual Lama of the group and will give us advice and help in our cultivation path.

For more information in Chinese please visit: ,call 408-520-1329, or

There are two other groups for English speakers:

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