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Book Recommendation: "Entering the Heart of the Sun and the Moon"
In the profound text "Entering the Heart of the Sun and the Moon," ( co-authors Ngakpa Chogyam and Khandro Dechen provide an illuminating commentary on romantic love from the perspective of the Aro gTér (Aro tradition), a lineage within the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism. This tradition emphasizes the need to overcome the duality of the human mind, i.e., the segregated tendencies of form (i.e., meaning-making, conditioning, explication) and emptiness (i.e., non-meaning). In the text, romantic love is approached as a mechanism of spiritual journeying. While those who are familiar with Buddhism and have a meditation practice may benefit most directly from this text, even the novice will find it intriguing and useful. I also enthusiastically recommend the Aro Buddhism podcast. (

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A long-time practitioner of insight meditation (known as “vipassana” in the Buddhist tradition) and also a licensed psychologist, I have found that many ideas in Buddhism and the “Dharma” have considerable applicability to contemporary love relationships. Buddhist concepts such as attachment, the conditioned mind, impermanence, “anata” (emptiness; no self), discernment, and liberation constitute components of a vast ideology that offers a direct commentary on the many issues and dilemmas often responsible for suffering in adult romantic love.

This group is devised to explore what may be taken from Buddhist ideology and applied to a consideration of how we get “stuck” in love relationships and how we may be freed.

This group will consist of occasional group meetings as well as the distribution of articles, videos, and other materials whose focus is on romantic relationship problems and Buddhist ideas and principles. For more information or if you have questions, please contact me via phone (949-338-4388) or email (

James Tobin, Ph.D | Licensed Psychologist PSY 22074 | 5020 Campus Drive | Newport Beach, CA 92660

Disclaimer: This group and its contents are meant solely to provide information to participants in a didactic forum and in no way constitutes psychotherapy. For more advanced help with specific personal issues and relationship concerns, please consult Dr. Tobin for referral to a licensed mental health clinician.

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