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免费慧灯禅修 2018班 in Chinese
免费慧灯禅修班简介 Text/Call[masked] for the pin to enter the building. 慧灯禅修是慈诚罗珠堪布观察现代社会人们的特点,而量身定制的。课程内容强调闻、思、修相结合,并以实修为重点,从减轻各种生活中的烦恼压力、提高生活品质入手,逐步提高升华我们的生命,以至最终认识心的本性、断除一切烦恼以及生老病死的痛苦。修学次第如下: • 学习佛法的基础知识 • 修持四加行,培养出离心 • 修持五加行,培养菩提心、忏悔罪业、积累资粮 • 修持寂止禅定,使内心平静 • 修持无我空性禅定,达到明心见性的境界 • 修持大圆满无上密法 慧灯禅修采用每周一次共修的学习方式,学员可以来道场或通过网络参加共修:观看《慧灯之光》视频, 学习、讨论视频及法本的内容,打坐共修。堪布通过网络直播对禅修班的课程进行专门指导。学员在修完五加行之后,上师会给予密法的讲解和传承。 旧金山硅谷湾区慧灯禅修每年开设一个新班. 咨询报名: [masked],[masked] (Jessica),WeChat: jessica_sv

Mindstream - Luminous Meditation

2175 De La Cruz Blvd Suite 12 · Santa Clara, ca

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Welcome to Buddhist Meditation Silicon Valley!

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Wether you're new to meditation or a seasoned meditator, you will learn sth new here. Buddhist Meditation encompasses a very rich variety of different meditation techniques, from the popular Mindfulness meditation, Shamatha meditation, Vipassana meditation, to Compassion meditation, and Mantra meditation etc, fulfilling the needs of different people, from physical health, mental wellness, personal development, spiritual growth, wisdom and enlightenment.

The organizer of this group Jessica has worked in hi-tech industry for over 20 years, including Senior Engineering Manager at Apple, Walmart Labs, Paypal and Yahoo. She got her M.S. in Computer Sciences from Purdue University.

Jessica has been meditating since 2013 with various meditation techniques for 3000+ hours, and currently under the direct guidance of two world renowned meditation masters from the world's largest Buddhist Institute Larung Gar ( (in Tibet) Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro ( and Khenpo Sodargye, who visited US and gave talks at Apple, Google, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Harvard, Yale, Columbia etc in the last few years.

Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro is a venerable contemporary Nyingma teacher of Tibetan Buddhism based at Larung Gar, the largest Buddhist Institute in the world, where he serves as Vice President. He visits yearly with our group and maintains a year round connection with us for which we are deeply grateful.

Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro at Google - Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro & David Presti: "The Scientist & the Monk" (

Khenpo Tsultrim Lodro at Stanford - Dependent Arising, Emptiness and Modern Life (

Khenpo Sodargye at Yale - Mindfulness and Meditation in the Modern World (

Khenpo Sodargye's at Harvard - Practice of the Bodhisattva path (

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