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Radical Responsibility: Awakened Leadership 2.0 for the Digital Age


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Radical Responsibility: Awakened Leadership 2.0 for the Digital Agewith Acharya Fleet Maull (

Guiding businesses, organizations, teams and individuals to success by accessing the power and creativity of Radical Responsibility™ Many of us feel overwhelmed by the level of information, speed, and busyness and the allure of multitasking in today’s world. We are facing increasing challenges to maintaining our focus on the personal and professional goals and relationships most important to us.

Radical Responsibility gives us the tools to step into full ownership of our lives and offers a pathway to self-empowerment and personal freedom.

• Are you feeling overwhelmed and not in control of your day-to-day direction and focus?

• Are you stuck thinking about problems instead of possibilities and solutions?

• Are you fed up with the drama in your life and workplace?

• Do you feel victimized by other people’s agendas and actions?

• Does resentment drag you down and undermine your energy and inspiration?

• Do you beat yourself up for not living up to yours or others’ expectations?

• Do you tend to justify or defend when people give you feedback?

If you are experiencing any of these, Then This Training is for You!

The Radical Responsibility™ training provides tools that inspire the bravery needed to ask the hard questions about where we are and are not showing up in our lives. This training focuses not only on what we are or are not doing, but on who we are being.

We all possess an innate desire and capacity to contribute to life, to serve some greater good and realize our personal and professional dreams. Through the application of the Radical Responsibility™ model, we discover the freedom, power and creativity to actualize our aspirations and achieve our dreams even in the face of life’s greatest challenges or most vexing circumstances.

Do you want...

• To actualize your true potential and purpose in life … Now?

• To create powerful, creative and authentic personal and professional relationships?

• To find the courage to risk it all in pursuit of your personal and/or professional dreams?

• To lead a purpose driven life filled with creativity, joy and passion?

• To discover your ability to lead from vision with passion, integrity and humility?

If your answer is YES to any of these, This Training is for YOU!

Join us for this weekend training in mindfulness-based emotional intelligence (MBEI) and Radical Responsibility™ if you want to discover:

How to fearlessly embrace life with deep trust and conviction in the basic goodness of ourselves, others and life itself.

How to increase capacity for self-awareness, emotion regulation, self-motivation, social awareness and authentic relationships.

How to discover powerful life distinctions that create unstoppable energy and maximum leverage for personal, organizational and social transformation.

How to cultivate:

Empathic presence and deep resonance within yourself and with others,

Effective communication and empathic listening skills,

The capacity to give and receive powerful feedback,

Skills for creatively working with and transforming conflict,

The confidence to successfully engage in difficult conversations, and

The courage to lead from vision with passion, integrity and humility.

This weekend is ideally suited for anyone interested human evolution, positive transformation and making a difference, including but not limited to:

• Tech and media professionals

• Business, nonprofit and government leaders and innovators

• Consultants, trainers and coaches

• Business and social services professionals

• Teachers, community activists and change agents of all kinds

Program Fee is $190.00

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