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The Buena Vista Social Club appeals to Christian adults of all ages, from 18 through 100+, married or single, makes no difference to us. All we can say is ..the more the merrier!

If you are a person that has a desire to entertain, loves cooking or wants to learn more about cooking or formal dinning, is interested in crafting and tasting wine, beer and cheese, or perhaps love agriculture and gardening, and desires to meet fantastic people who share your faith and interests within your own neighborhood. Then, we are the group for you.

The concept will be to collectively vote on a theme, or action. For example, go through an entire book such as Bobby Flays "Brunch at Bobby's" , or "60 Minute Gourmet" by acclaimed chef Pierre Franey, who wrote for the New York Times for many years and eventually created two best selling gourmet books from his NYT recipes . Then we gather together to work through the recipes, one by one, and present the product for tasting. The gardener of the group help us growing food and other things.

Depending on cooking interests, the group may want to collectively take a cooking course at Cookology, the new cooking school just opening up at Dulles. Or we could travel to take a Steven Raichlen bar-b-que course, or go through one of his books, or develop our own beverage tasting schedule to learn about wine and beer. Or create our own herb gardens or gather together to make our own cheese.

We could also schedule trips to take train rides, schedule short weekend trips ,see dinner theaters, or even design and host our own series of mystery dinners, complete with a good try at donning our own unique bespoke costumes!

For the physically inclined, we could all meet for a 5K and then come back to a common locale for a feast of a brunch!

For those with the gift and passion for volunteering to the needy, the group could even work in a way to dedicate time to giving back to our Springfield community.

Together, our options are endless.

The annual group fee is $5.00 per person.

My name is Jennifer. I started this group because I moved to Springfield as an adult for my job and needed a way to make friends. I desired a wholesome, safe way to meet the many talented , funny, caring, Christians in my neighborhood who shared my same interests. Thankfully, I met Gaye.

My name is Gaye. I started this group because as a professional event planner, I have spent years working miracles for other people and organizations. In fact, many times I would stop and say "gee, I'd like to do this for myself". I too was looking for a way to expand my friendships within Springfield and bring a lot of zest to my life. I'm adept at listing to people's needs and finding ways to surprise them. I love parties and making life fun.

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