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Game of Kings...King of Games!
Join and come play if you are interested in the world's oldest and best board game.
I am looking to find and foster the growth of serious backgammon players in the WNY area. Though I don't mind giving lessons and socializing, what I am really looking for is people interested in playing competitively, and with something at stake.

The best online resources for learning about the game are:

Chigago Point's Gammon Links (http://www.chicagopoint.com/links.html)


Backgammon Galore- LINK (http://www.bkgm.com)

And by far the best and fastest way to become proficient, (or down right good), at backgammon is to download eXtreme Gammon (http://www.extremegammon.com) on to your computer, ( or XG Mobile on your phone/ tablet).

Paul Magriel's "Backgammon" book is still the textbook masterpiece of the game. Reading that is not only encouraged, but almost mandatory, if you want to get good at this game.

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