What we're about

This is a group of adventure seeking people in the Western New York area who desire to live on the edge.

Events in the past have included:

• Assault Weapon Experience

• Snow Shelter construction

• 14 days in Alaska(by RV)

• Au Sable River kayaking in Michigan

• Put in Bay, Ohio weekend camping/biking

• Hunter Mountain Zip Lining

• Moonlight Bowling, Weekday Golf Outings, TGIF Biking/Sunset Watch

The guidelines for this group are that events MUST:

• Be fun .

• Involve comradery.

• Provide full details as to when/where.

• Equipment/Clothing required.

• State loss of life probability.

• Other info to make the adventure safe.

The event SHOULD:

• Involve SOME physical activity (no quilting bees)

• Assemble for a social activity afterwards

• Attendance WOULD BE NICE. Your presence is appreciated, but not required. If you RSVP yes and can't make the event please update. But if you can't for some reason respond, well oh shit.

I have posted some of the events that I have developed in the past and some that I have always wanted to do. I added certain dates (ie Thanksgiving, Xmas, etc) to remind me that I should probably not schedule something, but others can. I encourage others to create events also within this Meetup Group.

NOTE: It has been my experience that during hikes/adventures/etc, you do not make friends, you make them afterwards (that is why I recommend a social period after the event).

There are some events that I will post that I am not hosting/attending. They are there/here to remind others what adventures are upcoming that they may want to attend.


This was what we did in July, 2013. Class 5 Rafting in Alaska. No loss of life.

Bottom line is: This is your group, do with it as you may.

Upcoming events (5)

Ice Hockey rental

Hyde Park Ice Pavilion

I rented the ice and looking for new players to come join us. I have a group of players already but want to get more new players and get this group involved. I hope to get at least 1 full line on each bench. Cost will be anywhere from $15- $20 per person for 2 hours of Ice time depending on how many skaters we get.

5k obstacle course in the mud (terrain race)

Lake Erie Speedway

Please join us as we tackle this 5k obstacle course with lots of mud. It’s like the tough mudder. Here is the link to signup https://endurancecui.active.com/new/events/54065853/select-race?rf=49b2e6ddd0f84ee6afbe5117af541735&_p=4531626084598205 Please sign up under “team green” and the password is[masked] We have selected the last time at noon Here is a video on what to expect. https://youtu.be/Wch2niXZs6Y Registration is free today only and then on January 9th it goes up to $60 per person. So sign up on the link right away. ****For those of you that signed up or are going to sign up and forgot to uncheck the boxes like I did them you would need to go here. Please go to https://www.active.com/my_profile/advantage and cancel your Active membership before February 7th so you wont get charged the $89.95 recurring fee for the membership.. You will still be registered for the event thou. They kinda slide that in without knowing.

Total Eclipse of the Sun : Buffalo

Chestnut Ridge Park Casino

Total Eclipse of the Sun! In BUFFALO NASA Site Total Solar Eclipse • Latitude:[masked]° N Long.:[masked]° W • Duration of Totality: 3m 45s • Start of partial eclipse (C1): 2024/04/08 14:04 • Start of total eclipse (C2): 2024/04/08 15:18 • Maximum eclipse : 2024/04/08 15:20 • End of total eclipse (C3) : 2024/04/08 15:22 • End of partial eclipse (C4) : 2024/04/08 15:32 • Sunset: 19:50 Times have been adjusted to EDT from UT(4hrs diff) Sunrise/Sunset for April 2014 (http://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/buffalo?month=4&year=2024) The direction of the sun at this time(3:18pm) would be 226° or Southwest, directly out into Lake Erie while viewed from the Buffalo waterfront.

Needs a date and time


Lasertron - In development.

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Ice Hockey rental

Hyde Park Ice Pavilion

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