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The Allegany 2000 Challenge
I have identified 223 distinct places in Allegany State Park that are over 2,000 feet of elevation. The challenge is to visit each of them before December 31, 2014. You can get maps of the locations here: Allegany State Park – Places over 2000 Feet of Elevation ( And this map shows the locations and the Explore ASP 2013 planned routes: G4Map of Allegany 2000 and Explore ASP 2013 (,-78.751593&t=t1&z=13) You can count the ones you have already been too, so long as you can remember the date you were there and the approach you took to get there. Otherwise you have to go back again. I'll put together a list of the locations I have already visited so that anyone who was on the same hike can add those places to their own list. And on my future hikes, I'll try remember to cross over any of the Allegany 2000 that are in the area of our hike, even if it means taking a short side trip up a summit. Some of them are crossed just by driving on the park roads. and one of them, Number 65, is on one of the private inholdings, so you will need to get permission from the owner to visit that one. Save it for your last one.

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    For people interested in hiking, backpacking, and camping in Western New York. Hikes include both established trails and bushwhacking through state and county forest, and Allegany State Park.

    We will explore places few people in western New York ever go. We have both slow exploratory hikes and faster exercise hikes.

    Family friendly hikes focused on enjoying the outdoors, although some hikes might not be appropriate for children because of the length or difficulty.

    All hikes, unless specifically noted otherwise, are appropriate for both beginners and experienced hikers. No special skills are required. No special equipment is required. Beginners will learn what equipment they should obtain as they go along.

    However, there is an article under the Discussion tab ( about readily available items one should bring on all hikes. Bring what you can on your first hike. The experienced hikers in the group will be happy to offer advice about equipment you should consider obtaining if you continue with hiking and backpacking.

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