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What up doe Internet,

The School of AI mission is to offer a world class AI education for free. The only requirement to join is hard work and girt. We accept people from all facets of life. It doesn't matter what race, gender, religion or cultural background you're from. We accept all. No racism is allowed! There are 7 values we share.

1. Embrace the Weird
2. Inspire and Educate
3. Data Driven Optimism
4. Rapid Experimentation
5. Be Frugal
6. Choose Love, not Fear
7. Draw the Owl

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School of AI Meetup Code of Conduct: Participants are expected to

• Be Respectful

• Stay Professional

• Behave Appropriately

I hope you join the Buffalo School of AI slack channel. This is how we can keep in touch.


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Buffalo Game Space

Data Lit Lesson 1: Data collection

Buffalo Game Space

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