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The Buffalo Gamers Society! Message Board RPG Campaign & Delve Night Discussions › Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 51
I am sorry i missed the last session I had to attend a conference

If someone could give me an update that would be great!
John G.
user 4700290
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 103
Cue the highlight reel!

* Grant's deity took pity on him (guess she really hates ants) and brought him back from the dead, as cheerful as ever.
* We had a run-in with a Gelatinous Cube and a Mimic. Makoa (being a fire sorceress) kicked ass. Samir (being an acid-based dragon-lover sorceror) did not. Nobody died, which is good. smile
* After a real smack-down of a fight, we took down a nasty Green Hag that we think was responsible for making the werewolves. Probably trying to make an army.
* Beppe revealed himself as an Agent of the Elvish Queen and a member of the Pathfinder's Guild! So we all joined up.
* It was revealed to us that the Seven Creepy Kids of "The Addams Family" were actually the Seven Deadly Evils we are so worried about. Wesley told us which three or four islands currently contained deadly evils. He also told us about a side quest where we could hunt down a pirate, Cap'n Darsielle Dumoire, and his ship, the Hydra's Fang.
* We said "screw the Seven Deadly Evils, what's that you said about piracy?"biggrin
* Because the Buxom Rainbow would never be able to take on a pirate ship, we caught a ride to the pirate bay of Crossbones, and hired ourselves a pirate crew: Cap'n Antoine Seaborn and his ship, the Faithful Wife. (They're going to take 75% of the loot, which seemed fair enough to us- we're more interested in getting the Hydra's Fang!), and sailed down to the Shires.
* When last we left off- The Hydra's Fang was docked in a bay, unawares of our approach. Cap'n Dumoire had gone ashore. We were sailing up on the unsuspecting Hydra's Fang to launch a blistering attack! Yarr! tongue
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 129
Needless to say, it looks like I missed another GREAT session! <Teal's elven ears droop in disappointment>

However, I did take a nice spike buck at deer camp. Could've nailed a huge doe as well but she had a fawn with her. While the fawns are totally self sufficient by the end of Summer, they're still not very good at recognizing danger without mature deer present. Suffice to say, had I dropped the doe, the fawn's chance of survival would've been less than stellar. So I always let does with fawns go. To clarify, the fawn wasn't the size of Bambi. It was obvious that old Waffen SS Walt wanted folks to believe that deer could be hunted in the Spring when they're still the size of a Jack Russell Terrier! You couldn't hunt deer in the Spring back then and you still can't do it now. The fawns that are still with their mothers at this time of year pretty much look like slightly smaller copies (Great Dane size or larger) of an adult doe and have totally lost their cute little white back spots! Another thing that Deustchland Disney wrongly portrayed was where Bambi's dad stepped in and took over the parenting when Bambi's mother died. In reality, Bambi's dad would have lowered his antlers and kept charging Bambi until he made him realize that, as the alpha male, he would not tolerate the presence of any other competition that may potentially mate with the does that were coming into heat. Essentially, Bambi would've had to leave the area that his dad ranged in or die.

Ok, so much for the Ranger's take on the Bambi movie. I will be making some venison chili and bring it into one of our future meetings for you guys to enjoy.

See you this Saturday!! =)

Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 130
Sorry, I had to leave Saturday's game right before the end but I had some stuff that needed immediate attention on the homefront. Anyways, does anyone happen to have the final tally for XP's & Gold? I'm thinking that this last adventure pushed Teal into 4th level but I just wanted to confirm that for sure. Thanks!! =)
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 131
Just RSVP'd for tonight (Dec. 17). Sorry for the late notice....was a busy week. However, I'll be there!

Btw.... Now that Teal's 4th level and can use magic, I will no longer think of him as the "Muggle at the Struggle".

Ok, REALLY bad joke but you guys realize that I HAD to put that out there!!

One more thing....

Wes, since we're not meeting on New Year's Eve then I'm assuming our next meeting won't be until January 14th, correct? Also, is that to be our first meeting at 5pm instead of 6pm? I'm assuming you'll let us know tonight but in case I forget to ask (likely) or you forget to mention it (highly unlikely), I just wanted to make sure that is going to be the deal.
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,075
Yeah, that's most likely the plan. =)
A former member
Post #: 101
Very fun night. The goblin cohort is a really cool idea. Look forward to seeing it in play. Those skeletons at the end were a bitch but was a good fight. Thanks again. For the next session, please send out a reminder that we'll be meeting at 5. Afraid I'll forget.
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 132
FANTASTIC session last night!! It's always great to game with a group who've played together long enough where they know how to utilize their individual talents and work with the other party members in a way that makes them a force that's nigh unstoppable! Our tactics last night where nothing short of sublime! No power in the 'verse is mightier than we! Well.... Ok there's probably quite a few things within the pages of the Pathfinder Bestiary books that can hand us our asses but you guys get what I'm sayin'.

Kudos to one and all for working together like we did and kudos to Wes for continuing to present us with such unique challenges that bring out the tactical best in us! Goblin phalanxes! Undead skeletons that are neutrally aligned, blindingly fast, and immune to channeling positive energy, turning, fire, frost, electricity, etc. I mean, C'mon! How satisfying was that when we overcame something that not only should have killed more than a few of us but we wound up defeating and not losing a single party member!? Just goes to show how effective tactics and teamwork can raise the ECL of a party as much or more than actual levels and magic items!

My only regret about last night is when I realized that we won't be getting together again until January 14th and we won't be seeing Josh until the early Spring!
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 133

I got so carried away with reminiscing about last night that I forgot to post the question I originally came onto our discussion thread to ask!

With the incredible wealth we amassed from last night's session, I decided to upgrade some of Teal's weapons. Now I fully understand that, before you add any special abilities (Flaming, Bane, Ghost Touch, Holy, Seeking, etc.) to a weapon, that weapon "must also have at least a +1 enhancement bonus." The area that's a touch bit fuzzy to me is the cost of adding special abilities to a weapon. So my question is as follows:

When figuring the cost for adding weapon special abilities (Tables 15-9 & 15-10 on pg. 469 in the Core Rulebook), do we add the COST of the "Base Price Modifier" onto the "Base Price" COST for weapon enhancement bonuses (Table 15-8 on pg. 468 in the Core Rulebook)? Or do we, instead, add the BONUSES of the two tables first and then figure the base price from there?

In other words, if Teal wanted to make his Masterwork Sling into a +1 Thundering Sling, would he pay 4,000gp: 2,000gp to cover the "Base Price" (from Table 15-8) for making it a +1 weapon PLUS 2,000gp to cover the "Base Price Modifier" (from Table 15-10) of the +1 bonus for giving it the Thundering special ability?


Should Teal pay 8,000gp as a result of adding the "Base Price Modifier" (from Table 15-10) for the Thundering special ability (a +1 bonus) to the "Weapon Bonus" of +1 (from Table 15-8) which would make it's "Weapon Bonus" a +2 equivalent under (Table 15-8)?

Unfortunately, my inkling is that it's the second (more expensive) one because of the statement at the bottom of pg. 467 in the Core Rulebook which states, "Special abilities count as additional bonuses for determining the market value of the item..."

In our Ptolus campaign where I was buffing Turlock's weapons, I used the more expensive option of the two I listed but there was a couple things going on in that campaign that we don't have in going on in our current "Struggle" one. First, between Turlock, Josh's character, and the arcane spell casters in our group, we had feats like (Master Craftsman and Craft Magic Arms & Armor) and spells in which we could enchant magic items. So, because we were creating these items ourselves, we were paying virtually half the market cost of them. Not to mention the insane amounts of money we were amassing from our adventuring, our trade crafts, and the market economy that we formed around Carper's Keep which kept a constant inflow of gold into our coffers.

In "Struggle" we're in a campaign world that necessitates a more nomadic style of adventuring (plus we're all still at a relatively low level).

Anyways, if anyone has the answer to confirm either the first or second cost options I've listed, I would greatly appreciate it. Many Thanks!! =)
A former member
Post #: 102
I was thinking about this too actually. In my opinion, I think the first option makes more sense because they are separate enchantments. You could do one and add the other a later time, where as the holy enchantment is a single enchantment that must be done altogether, so it costs 8000 gold to add it to an already enchanted weapon. But obviously, I'm biased because it's cheaper so that's really up to Wes. But kinda get what I mean? If the enchantment can be done at a separate time, it's a separate enchantment and you would be paying for the enchantment, not the cost of the whole weapon. It's not like the enchanter has to reforge the weapon or add on the other enchantments that are already on it. They just have to add the one they're being paid for.

I was also thinking about the cost of everything too and the different situation we were in. I need about 10,000 to make my great sword holy (not to completely steal Kevin's Turlock build but, hey, it was a good build) by the first method, 8000 for the holy enchantment and 2000 for the +1 enchantment. We do have a favor coming from the desert people we just saved from the sin thrall/demonic sandra bullock. If it benefits everyone, we could ask them to sell things to us at base cost. If not, we could just ask them for the money. Getting things at base cost is only a temporary fix but works long enough to get us to 7th level when we can get some cohorts with enchanting feats to do it for us (come on, a forge on a ship? it's a great idea! Who else can say that their weapons were made at sea?). I'm not sure how much the money would be but when it's divided 8 ways, it probably isn't as good as getting items at base cost. But that might not necessarily benefit everyone directly the way the money would. It really only helps those getting magic items. So, what do you guys think?
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