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Wesley Young's "The Struggle of Nations"

Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 76
Okay I was determine something with Turin v. The Umber hulk and the bleed damage its according the pathfinder RPG guide says that "bleeding creatures take that amount of damage every round at the
start of each of their turns." So I am not sure if this means that if the umber hulk would have taken the bleed damage at the beginning of his action or if it would taken it at the beginning of the next round. if it the later then Turin would of died if it was the former Turin should live. So we may need a GM decision on this.
Wesley D. Y.
user 6127759
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 1,109
You're alive. That's what we decided. How un-heroic to die out-of-game afterwards.
Kevin N
user 6519902
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 148
I just up loaded the New excel character sheet for pathfinder PF-3
Kevin B.
Medina, NY
Post #: 167
<The Autumn Harvest of Alfheim winds down and, being as successful as it was, Teal decides to begin the journey that will reunite him with his fellow adventurers.>

Yep, I should be at our next gaming session on December 15th. The hunting season was really great and this ranger's larder is stocked for another year. At some point this winter, I'll be bringing in a couple crock pots of venison chili. Of course, it will be accompanied by a couple loaves of Wegman's "Garlic Tuscan Bread" which, IMHO, is a perfect compliment to a steaming bowl of chili on a cold winter's eve!

Anyways, as much as I enjoyed the hunting season, I really missed our gaming sessions and can't wait to be back! I mean, seriously! You guys went to Sigil!!?? One of my all-time favorite campaign settings is Planescape from AD&D's 2nd edition line, so you can imagine how badly I wanted for Teal to be a part of that! See you guys in about a week and a half.... Take Care!! =)
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 77
I know this isn't going to be popular but Turin has to implement a policy of charging for items he crafts be at ease its not a massive charge and items that are made will still be significantly cheaper then purchasing them in a store. The reason why is that Turin has been paying the crew out of his own pocket this costs on average 2000 gp in order to keep them happy.

So here is the price rate

anything 1,000 gp or less
100gp will be charged

anything 2,000-4,000gp
200gp will be charged

anything 5,000-10,000gp
400gp will be charged

anything 11,000-20,000
800gp will be charged

20,000 and above
1,600gp will be charged

These items are still way bellow market price and will pay for the crew.

A former member
Post #: 111
Hey guys, as promised, this is my character's back story:

There is truth in death. Ashur was born during the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year, an ill omen for any birth. As a boy, he frequently heard voices and a chill wind seemed to follow him. Had he been born on the island of Karameikos, this may have been rather routine. Unfortunately for Ashur, he was born on Yalarum and spent the majority of his youth in a sanitarium frequented by lepers, lunatics, and others in various stages of physical or mental decay. He doubted his own sanity for a time but gradually came to accept that, though he might doubt his own mind, there is truth in life and death. Thus, with a kind of wry, sardonic humor, he went about the business of sorting the dying, healing those he could, making comfortable those he could not, and euthanizing those for whom death was a welcome release. As his understanding increased, he grew to neither fear nor welcome death, but simply to accept it.
And so it was for many years, until, as a young man, he encountered something beyond the cycle of life and death. The denizens of the tombs of sanitaria do not always sleep so soundly. The Yalarum sanitarium Ashur called home was no exception. One evening, while collecting a moss that grew in the tombs for use in a poultice, Ashur was attacked by a ghoul. Paralyzed by the creatures unholy touch, Ashur steeled his soul against what he knew must come next. But then something strange happened. Ashur, though paralyzed, felt something in his soul go cold even as a spark of defiance lit in his breast. The shadows of the tombs grew long and Ashur spoke a single word of command, “Begone.” The ghoul, leering at its prey, immediately recoiled as if struck and cowered behind a bier, shivering. For a long, tense moment, Ashur remained locked in paralysis, waiting for the ghoul to overcome its strange behavior. As life crept back into his body, Ashur quickly shambled toward the door. As he passed near the ghoul, it shivered, never creeping from its hiding place behind the bier as Ashur passed. Finally, his heart racing, he crossed the threshold and bolted the door behind him. Sadly, his right leg never fully healed from the ghoul’s paralysis, becoming neuropathic and numb.
It was the custom of the ministry of Pharasma to visit the sanitaria of the world annually to heal the sick, bless the dead, and clear the undead from the tombs lest they become a plague upon the world. Upon examining Ashur, the attendant priest commented that he was touched by death and would never walk with both feet in the land of the living for the rest of his days. Upon hearing the story of how Ashur escaped the ghoul, the priest elaborated that while the ghoul had banished a part of his body to the land of the dead, he had survived because a part of his soul had resided there since his birth. The priest spoke a word of magic, granting Ashur momentary sight beyond sight. The priest remained in his vision as a pale being of light and life. But all about him, shrouded in cold shadow were swirling figures shrouded in death. He heard their voices and felt their cold chill breeze about him and knew for the first time in his life that he was not insane. There is truth in death. Ashur knew in that moment that only through the study of death would he understand the truth about himself. He left that very night with the priest to join the orders of Pharasma’s worship.
Even within the church of Pharasma, Ashur still found he did not quite belong. While welcomed and given respect, he sensed the fascination and even awe with which others of his order regarded him. His only respite from this were his excursions to sanitaria and other investigations of undead. He was able to develop his skill in commanding the dead, often summoning the dead to combat the machinations of others of their kind, only to lay the entire lot to rest in the end. Becoming frustrated and somewhat uncomfortable with his station in the church, he sought the advice of the head of his order. The abbot told him that for his natural aptitude and deep understanding of death was not accidental. He was blessed by the Lady of Graves. His role in the faith was not that of the attendant clergyman. He was an oracle of the goddess. When Ashur protested this role, saying the goddess did not speak to him, the Abbot replied that the dead do speak to him and she, through them, reveals the truth in death. Ashur was silenced by this.
From that day forward, Ashur became something of an errant priest, wandering the known and unknown world, separating the dying into the living and the dead, and silencing those who live beyond the grave, all the while searching for truth in death.
Joe (Beppe) P.
user 6600548
East Aurora, NY
Post #: 51
Loot from Xmas & 2013-01-26 Sessions

Executive Summary: grand total of two sessions is about $156,731 depending on value of the cargo on Santa's "Slay" and the Evading Scale Mail of the Mountains. Each item lists either the retail value or who claimed the item. Anything marked with a "?" means I don't know or am not sure of the data. This damn forum doesn't display my pretty tab based table. :-( All prices are retail so loot sale will be 50% (~$78,366). If you want any items for your characters, you can wait until game night to claim them if you wish. I'll perform calculations of the proceeds at the beginning of the session (fortunately, I've put it all in a spreadsheet).

Session 2013-12-29
Cape of the Mountebank; dimensional door 1/day $10,080

Santa's "Slay"
Navigator (Blitzen):
Agile Breast Plate $200
Blade of Binding; great-sword; grapple $2,350
Scabbard of Vigor 1/day (? Hakak/Robert)
Grappler's Mask; improves grappling, monk $5,000
Brass Knuckles $1
+1 Amulet of Natural Armor (Ximenes/Ashley)
+2 Cloak of Resistance (Majet/JD)
+2 Belt of Giant Strength (Hakak/Robert)

(? +1) Amulet of Mighty Fists $5,000
+2 Belt of Physical Perfection; +2 STR, CON, DEX (Grant/Joe)
+2 Belt Dexterity (swap) $4,000
+1 Bracers of Armor $1,000
+2 Headband Inspired Wisdom (Hakak/Robert)
+1 Ring of Protection (Ximenes/Ashley)
Magical Monk's Robe $13,000

+1 magical pepperbox rifle w/32 rounds (Majet/JD)
+2 chain shirt (Turin/Josh)
+2 belt of incredible dexterity $4,000
Boots of Elven Kind, +5 acrobatics $2,500

Mrs CLaus:
+2 Chain Shirt $4,250
+1 Human Bane Morning-Star $2,308
+1 Cloak of Resistance $1,000
+2 Headband Inspired Wisdom $4,000
Ring of Counter-spells (Ashur/Matt)
Robe of Bones (? Ashur/Matt)

First Mate:
+1 Full Plate $2,650
+1 Heavy Wooden Shield $1,157
Trident of Warning $10,115
+1 Composite Longbow +5 STR (wow!) (Hakak/Robert)
17 arrows
+1 Amulet Of Natural Armor $2,000
+2 Belt Of Giant Strength $4,000
+2 Cloak of Resistance (Grant/Joe)

dry goods cargo (TBD) ?
ship (piss poor shape, scuttled)
Session Total $68,531

Session 2013-01-26
Vrocks loot:
4 Potions of Heroism $3,000
4 Potions Blur $1,200
Clear Spindle Ioun Stone $4,000
+4 Belt of Physical Might (Hakak/Robert)
+2 Evading Scale Mail of the Mountains ~$80,000
Session Total ~$88,200

Grand Total ~$156,731
A former member
Post #: 112
Thanks Joe, much appreciated
Joshua R.
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 78
Thank You so much Joe, the evading scale mail of the mountains Wesley said we could probably sell that at full price but we have to find the right buyer so were looking more of a 118,365.50gp which totals out to almost 15,000gp per character also instead of in game where we you guys start asking hey can Turin make this and this could you let me know prior to game so i can give a list to wes and wes can have me make the difficulty checks so we can get to the game. Also i am revoking the pricing system, Turin had.

Also I think I claimed the scabbard but i am perfectly fine with letting Robb have it.
Kevin N
user 6519902
Buffalo, NY
Post #: 149
I'll take the +1 Amulet Of Natural Armor
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