What we're about

Entrepreneur or business owner? Community leader or CEO? Teacher, healer, or leader?

Or are you a non-fiction author trying to help others - and building a business from your expertise?

This Meet Up group is where marketing and writing meet - exploring how to market yourself through your book - and market your book through your business and personal branding.

Being an author immediately adds 30% more credibility to your professional presence. And having a book serves as a platform to start or promote your business.

There are many ways you can monetize your book - and it is not primarily through sales on Amazon, or by trying to break into Barnes & Nobles.

You can follow the path of offering webinars, online courses, and coaching and mentoring to create a business from your book. You can become a keynote speaker. Or your book can drive traffic to your onging business by establising you as the go-to expert in your field.

The goal is to make money from your expertise, and to package that expertise in multiple products and platforms to help you meet your personal goals.

Being an author alone isn't enough. You need to SELL your books, and use your books to sell YOU! It's about marketing and personal branding.

Join this group to maximize your expert status through your nonfiction book. We won't be talking about the HOW of writing your book, but rather the marketing of your book and you as a brand.

We will hold events to showcase new authors, have recognized experts share their journey and successes, learn marketing and sales techniques, and find and share resources to help you achieve marketing success - for yourself and for your book.

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