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Tentative date is January 12, depending upon a sufficient number of interested folks and their schedules. Looking forward to meeting you all! IMPORTANT FOR MESSAGE SPACE: Sadly there are trolls and bots even in MeetUp. I will block or ban disrespectful or provocative comments.

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    What we're about


    • Want a fun way to learn something about democracy and its alternatives?
    • Want to help a new civic education group do some good?

    The Center for Free, Fair, and Accountable Democracy (CFFAD) is a non-partisan organization that will provide civic education for adults age 18 and above, focused on the benefits of representative democracy, the foundations of trust in representative democracy, and the role of citizens in defending representative democracy in their republic.

    One of the products we might offer could be a game for 10 or more people that would allow them to explore how democracies are born and what it takes to keep them vital and alive.

    The starting point will be two factions that either (a) face a common enemy; or (b) have been unable to subdue each other but must continue to share a common territory. Would the factions agree to some form of power-sharing work? Try it. If that has problems, do you want to try democracy? If so, how would you want it to work? Try it out. Is it all about elections or is there more to it? Do you need to make adjustments as you go along? As we design and test the game, it is inevitable that we will gain new insights about our democracy, and the tension between how we might like it to work versus how it actually works.

    The Challenge (and the Fun!): The game needs to be invented. To the best of our knowledge, there isn’t anything like this.

    If we can get at least 10 volunteer members – and we don’t care if you are red, blue, or green – then we could agree to meet on a regular basis (once a week or once every other week?) to explore and test different ways to design the game. Some ideas might sink like a stone, others might be truly amazing.

    The fun (and the learning) will be in the trying. With some luck, we will eventually converge on a design for an educational game that can be shared with the rest of the world.

    About You: All are welcome. No special skills or experience needed.
    That said, if you do have experience and passion in social game design, post-conflict work or studies, history, political theory, or democracy promotion, we would all benefit.

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