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Meditate & discuss the Buddha's teachings
The Buddhist Study & Meditation Group generally meets every Monday at 8pm at the Common Street Spiritual Center in Natick (though in the summer the group will meet on Tuesdays at 8pm to avoid the distraction of the Concerts on the Common series). Please use the School Street entrance. If you go to the top floor, we are down the hall on the left, in the meditation room. Cushions and floor seats are provided (chairs are available). The term mindfulness has become part of our everyday language, we talk about "eating mindfully", or "trying to be more mindful in our consumer choices." Furthermore, the actual method of Mindfulness is taught in prisons and schools to reduce stress, it is taught by cognitive therapists to modify dysfunctional patterns of behavior, and it is practiced by corporate CEOs to enhance effectiveness in the workplace. In other words, we have co-opted mindfulness. We have extracted it from its original context and striped it of soteriological meaning. Worse, it has been turned into an elixir to promote the smooth functioning of our most destructive institutions. The word mindfulness comes from the Pali term sati and it is part of the eightfold path which the Buddha prescribed to end Dhaka, the stressful and disturbing mental constructions through which we view ourselves and others. Mindfulness, in this context, is the basis for insight into the true nature of reality, and according to the Buddhist tradition, when we "wake up" to the true nature of things, we realize that we are not in as bad shape as we thought. It's likened to waking up from a bad dream. Buddha is said to have become awakened through practicing mindfulness of the breath. In our weekly meetings, we will practice basic mindfulness meditation and we will seek to understand how this practice fits within the framework of the Buddha's teachings. Each meeting will last about an hour (or more) and consist of brief meditation exercises and some discussion of the Buddha's radical approach to life. photo credit:

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We are an inclusive and love-centered community. We value many spiritual paths. We welcome and embrace people of all beliefs and cultures.

We envision a life-sustaining society and cultivate activities that bring peace, justice, and healing to the earth. We find meaning and a sense of community through ritual, dialogue, food, and the arts.

We seek to know and expand our personal spiritual centers through study, practice, and contemplation. We actively support one another by demonstrating love, truth, creativity, and inspiration which flow from our innermost centers.

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We are just getting warmed up building community at Common Street Spiritual Center. It is hard to narrow down the meetup categories to describe the rich diversity of what happens at our center week after week. Each particular group or event has its own unique purpose. We welcome your participation!

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If you are seeking a physical space to host your meetup group, please reach out to our Administrator, Leslie Githens, at or call our office at 508-655-9636. If what you are doing is aligned with our mission and vision we would be happy to share space with you in a way that works with your budget. And we are happy to let you use our meetup page as well as an organizing tool.

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